Winter tires all year round? Better not try

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Winter tires all year round? Better not try
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All year round on winter tires? Is it good for the tires, and more importantly, safe for the driver and passengers?

Winter tires and safety during driving

Winter tires, as they are commonly called, have been developed to cope with poor conditions. Temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, ice, snow and a slippery road surface – in these situations they feel best. Unfortunately, when the temperature rises and there’s no precipitation on the road, the quality of winter tires decreases dramatically. This causes the tread to deform. When it rains at a high temperature, winter tires go crazy. Any sudden manoeuvre can lead to a skid. Drivers who have tried to drive with winter tires in warmer weather will find this out for themselves.

Why are we so keen to fit winter tires in the summer?

A much richer system of grooves and cuts, and the use of soft compounds that are resistant to low temperatures – these are the two main reasons why we choose winter tires in the winter. They simply perform much better in difficult conditions. Below 7 degrees Celsius, a summer tire hardens, has fewer notches and feels more like a sleigh ride than a car

However, many drivers choose winter tires in summer. They don’t have to change their tires twice a year. They save, thanks to this, their time and money. In addition, there are no penalties for lack of summer tires, but when winter tires are missing, fines are issued during inspections. Drivers also say that winter tires have the same properties as all-season tires in warmer weather.

Why should winter tires be changed in the summer?

Reasons to change, especially if you often drive long distances:

  • noisy operation at high speeds,
  • higher fuel consumption with winter tires.

These are just two of the main reasons why you should change your tires. They will take your comfort and economy to the next level! But it’s also worth mentioning the more serious issues, such as safety.

  • the system of cuts and grooves in winter tires is disastrous in summer,
  • there’s less contact between the tire and the road,
  • more susceptible to punctures,
  • at 25/30 degrees Celsius, winter tires wear much faster than summer tires.

Besides, the arguments that clearly state that in summer it is better to choose summer tires are among others increased safety for you and your loved ones, or the lack of necessity to visit the vulcanization in emergency cases. In addition, your tires will last a season or two more if you change them regularly.

An alternative to winter tires?

If you still don’t want to change your winter tires in the summer, how about an alternative? Still arguing your choice with the need to change, saving time and money? Choose multigrade tires, which will settle the matter, once and for all. Tyre manufacturers have met their customers’ expectations by creating multi-purpose compounds. Softer than summer rubber and a little harder than winter rubber works well on icy roads as well as when traveling on wet and slippery roads on a warm day

Can we talk about all-season tires as a kind of “golden mean”? Unfortunately, the combination of the advantages of winter and summer tires is also associated with the combination of their disadvantages. In summer, the cabin will be noisier, and fuel will disappear faster. In winter, grip won’t be as good as with winter tires. The braking distance will also increase. The conclusion is therefore one – the best option, because the safest, is to choose summer tires in summer and winter in winter. Visits to the vulcanizer do not have to be a waste of money. After all, you can check the condition of the tires, check the tightness of the tires, or refill the pressure.

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