Mangle – what is it, what is it used for and how to operate it?

Mangle – what is it, what is it used for and how to operate it?
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Not all of us are mechanics. Particular auto parts may be unfamiliar to us. One of them is the mangle. What is it? Why is it? You will find out everything in this article!

We’ll start, of course, with a definition of the steering mangle itself. This is the part of the steering system responsible for transferring movement from the steering wheel (when we turn it). It affects the turning motion, which in turn makes the wheels turn. As you might guess, it has the crucial job of making it possible to drive at all. It is no wonder that when there is a mangle failure, you need to go to a mechanic immediately. A problem with your steering wheel strongly affects your driving safety, don’t forget that! Whenever you feel that something is wrong with the steering system, it is better not to continue driving, and look for the nearest car service on the map.

Signs of problems with the steering pinion in the car

On Polish roads is not interesting. Quite a few sections in the country are in deplorable condition. No wonder that the steering system, and more precisely all its components, wear out faster. How to identify damage to the steering pinion?

  • First of all, you should pay attention to the rattling coming out of the wheels while driving. Especially when you start to turn the steering wheel or when the steering wheel returns to its original state with power steering. When you straighten it out, you will hear a characteristic “clatter”.
  • Another symptom of a malfunctioning steering wheel is fluid leaking from it. When your car has been parked for a long time, drive it away, stop and check the place where it used to stand. If there is a stain in the area where the hood was before, it is possible that it is the mangle. Of course it doesn’t have to be it, operating fluids can come from a punctured windshield washer fluid reservoir, it can also be engine oil, brake fluid, or coolant. Regardless of what fluid it is, go to a mechanic.
  • Finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the desired direction of travel? The car turns on its own to one side, but at the same time with the steering wheel? This could be a problem with the steering wheel. Sometimes it is caused by tires with uneven tread or misaligned alignment.

It has happened, the steering pinion has failed, what should you do then? Go to an auto repair shop. How will mechanics deal with the fault? You will find out in the paragraph below!

Mangle service – can it be repaired?

The first way is to simply replace the mangle with a used pinion gear. This is probably a part that has been remanufactured before – yes, the mangle can be remanufactured. And with that we come to the second way, which is the remanufacturing. There are many companies that deal with professional reconditioning of mangles and other parts of the car, which can also be regenerated. The last way is of course replacing the steering pinion with a new part. However, this solution is rarely chosen by customers and we do not recommend it to you if you have an older car. The cost of a new steering pinion would surprise you, of course in a negative sense.

So opt for alternatives, namely regeneration or replacement with a used part. The cost will be much lower. Of course you can never be sure if such a steering pinion will last for years of use. The risk is always there. However, everything depends on your financial capabilities. However, if it is a car that in itself is no longer worth much, it is better to bet on a used part or remanufacturing.

You already know what a steering pinion is and what it is used for in a car. This part of the car’s steering system has a significant impact on driving safety. Whenever you notice one of the three symptoms we have written about in this article, head straight for a car service. You will avoid unpleasant situations on the road, accidents, as well as deeper problems with the steering system. A defective, long unrepaired steering pinion may contribute to many other car defects.


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