A teenager and a small child on the same route – how to reconcile their needs?

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A teenager and a small child on the same route – how to reconcile their needs?
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Travelling together in the car is a time that can be used to strengthen family ties. However, several hours together in one room is also conducive to conflicts and problems. In this article, we will show you how to reconcile the needs of a teenager and a young child on the road!

Are you sure it’s a holiday?

In search of interesting vacation destinations, we often choose those that can be reached by car. This is a prerequisite especially for families with children. The advantages? You can take a lot more things in your car and, if necessary, stop during the drive at a convenient place and time. But how to survive a long drive with a baby on board?

Every parent knows that the worst thing that can happen is bored kids in the back seat. This primarily affects the driver negatively, who can become distracted while driving. So when the date of the next trip is approaching, we are trying to think what to do with bored children during long hours of travel.

This task is certainly made more difficult when you are dealing with both a teenager and a toddler. Time for some useful tips to make your trip more enjoyable!

Overnight trip

Although it seems counter-intuitive, a night trip can be ideal, or at least it is the first thing you should think about. While the biggest advantage of traveling at night is the shorter time it takes to cover the distance, it is also worth noting that the nighttime aura, the vibrations of the vehicle, and the monotony of driving work perfectly for both a teenager and a young child, who will very quickly go to the land of Morpheus. Disadvantages: it is important that the driver is well rested – sleep at the wheel can very quickly turn into a dangerous accident. Keep in touch with the driver and stock up on caffeine, preferably in various forms.

Games on the go

What if for some reason you’re unable to travel at night? In that case, it’s best to start with word games. This is a great way to build a bond between your teenager and young child. Moreover, it is also a great way to “smuggle” useful knowledge of geography or history. After all, traveling teaches and entertains. Some examples of games are – competitions in spotting cars of given brands, guessing objects described by other participants or finding as many objects of a given color as possible. As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities, and everything really depends only on your imagination.

Comfort for big and small children

This is another of the important issues that you need to think about thoroughly. Sometimes a trip can become a nightmare because of uncomfortable clothing, especially for the little ones. Underwear that is too tight, “biting” shirts, too thick a garment. That’s why it’s always a good idea to prepare the loosest and most comfortable clothes possible before you travel. If you are traveling at night, it is a good idea to dress a little warmer. It is also a good idea to be able to take off your top layer if the temperature is likely to rise. All of this will make the trip much more enjoyable. Additionally, you may also want to think about neck pillows, lightweight blankets or a diaper to protect your youngest team member when the air conditioning is on in the car

Surprise crate

For the most awkward toddlers, we’ve prepared an extra item to make the journey together easier. When the baby wakes up, you really need to find an interesting activity to fill the time as soon as possible. Consider the Surprise Box, which will contain all sorts of new interesting toys he doesn’t have access to every day.

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