A long journey with a child – how to survive it?

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A long journey with a child – how to survive it?
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A long journey, especially on a hot day, can be very tiring for adults. Children feel it even more – so let’s not be surprised by their impatience. How to manage on the road with a small child? What is worth remembering?

The child’s comfort – the basis of a successful trip

A small child will be restless during the trip, not because it has such a whim, but because of the rapid change of environment and discomfort that it feels during the trip. Combating his discomfort is the best way to ensure that he calms down and politely travels the next kilometers of the route. Depending on age:

  • an infant should be changed and fed beforehand,
  • a few months old child should be given a light meal before the journey, have its diaper changed and, if necessary, make sure it has used the toilet.

It is very important to make sure that the car is not too hot, so it is worth airing it out well beforehand

How should my child be dressed? Should she be in a baby carrier?

The child should be dressed in onions. Only in such a way will it be possible, if necessary, to undress or dress him/her according to common sense and prevailing conditions

The child should not only be, but must be in a car seat. We should remember that regardless of the discomfort of the ride and its possible interference by a tired toddler, his safety should be our priority. So that the child does not get tired so much during the trip, it is worth making frequent stops.

How often to take a break with a small child?

Carrying a small child, let’s say three months old, in a car seat is necessary but problematic. The recommended breaks during the journey should be taken approximately every 2 hours. The baby is then removed from the carrier and placed in a position on the stomach, so that the spine is aligned in the opposite way to when sitting

When to go on a trip with a baby?

Of course, there is no rule about it, but there is an important tip – try to travel during the hours when the toddler usually takes a nap. Sleeping child will not pay attention to the disturbing changes in the environment and the fact that he leaves the cozy room in favor of not always comfortable car.

What about the air conditioning in the car?

Air conditioning in the car can be a great help during a long trip. But we all know that even as an adult, radical changes in temperature can cause colds. In the case of a child this is an even bigger problem. It is therefore recommended to set the air conditioning to 22 – 23 degrees or not to use it at all.

One parent should sit next to the child

Moving one parent to the back seat is very practical and helps to ensure the safety of the child. Of course, you do not have to exaggerate here and see the dangers at every turn, but prudence dictates to be close. The child may get dirty or choke. You will probably also have to feed him. Finally – occupy in an interesting way so that it does not pay attention to the hardships of the journey.

How to occupy the child during the trip? Toys and games

It does not always happen that our child sleeps through the whole journey. Then it is important to occupy her time with something interesting. In the case of the smallest children it is worth to take several types of toys. These may be books, rattles or cuddly toys.

In the case of an older child, you can suggest playing with colors, guessing games or telling stories. Sometimes, especially if you have a talent for it, you can sing songs with them

Talking to your child on the go

Talking to your baby is also a good idea. Both talking and smiling to a one-year-old child, as well as answering endless questions from a preschooler, can help overcome the weariness that comes with traveling. If you pass through a city or scenic area, tell your child about it

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