Road in the mountains with children – what to watch out for?

Road in the mountains with children – what to watch out for?
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Mountains, though beautiful, are also demanding and treacherous. Anyone who has ever driven on the serpentine roads leading down a mountainside has experienced this. Especially a journey with a child is very demanding. How to drive in the mountains so that everyone is safe and satisfied?

The child is not an easy travel companion. It takes nerves of steel, angelic patience and ingenuity, so that the little one willingly rides and does not interfere during the overcoming kilometers. Some may think, that it can be even bigger problem, when we want to go with child to the mountains. I am not at all surprised by such fears, after all, both the child and the mountains are very demanding, expecting concentration and do not forgive mistakes. But there is nothing to worry about, because the general rules of riding with children also work very well in the mountains, although a few elements can be expanded a bit.

Sleep is the greatest ally

At least I do not mean the driver’s sleep, although a well-rested driver is the basis for a safe trip. The best time to drive with children is when they are asleep

Mountains have their own rules and require constant caution and thinking. The ride itself is an exhausting task for the parent, so we don’t want the toddler to distract us with his fooling around or complaining. Therefore, the best time is when the child is sleeping

Fortunately, this can also be combined with the most convenient times to drive the car. Trips are best planned first thing in the morning – around 4:00 – or at dusk. This is due not only to the fact that the child sleeps, but thanks to this we can also avoid tiring heat or increased traffic.

Every stop has to be thought out and planned

You should not look in the mountains for a wide roadside or expect that there will be a parking lot or a gas station in a moment. Remember that the roads set on steep slopes have climbs and descents and hundreds of bends, so you can’t just stop anywhere and turn on the “awaryjek”. Before the trip you should get to know the route you are going to take and check where you can stop for a break or take care of your needs

This is also where knowing your child comes in handy. Who if not a parent will know best how often a child needs to stretch its legs or go to the toilet. With this knowledge, planning the route will be much easier and tailored to the most demanding passenger. During the ride it is also worth to ask the child from time to time if there is no need to stop. The worst possible scenario is when a child asks for a stop just after setting off.

Don’t forget favorite toys and extra medications

If your child does not like to sleep in the car, then a very important addition will be his favorite toys that will keep him occupied with fun and at least for a while forget about the journey

Medication is also a very important element. Even if the toddler is not ill and does not have motion sickness, it is worth having means against unpleasant adventures. As I mentioned before, mountains are a specific place, where you go up and down, the turns are sharp, frequent and in different directions, plus there is a lot of braking and acceleration. This can cause unpleasant side effects for even the toughest rider, and according to the previous point, you need to avoid unscheduled stops

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