Seat with or without ISOFIX? We explain

Seat with or without ISOFIX? We explain
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The so-called ISOFIX system, or ISO Fixture, has been mandatory in passenger cars since 2011, and you’ll find it in most cars that hit the European market after 2006. Is a car seat installed with this system better?

What is ISOFIX?

The ISOFIX system, or ISO Fixture, is a special safety seat attachment that does not require seat belts. You’ll most often find it in the rear bench seat on the side seats, and in larger cars it even happens that seats in the third row of seats are equipped with the ISOFIX system. You can also count on the ISOFIX system for the passenger seat in the first row.

The operation of the system is extremely simple, as it takes the form of brackets that are attached directly to the structure of the vehicle, so they hold the seat very well and ensure that the seat has no chance of moving even in the event of a serious collision.

Mounting a car seat with the help of the ISOFIX system is extremely easy, as all you have to do is to slide the special catches into the system’s holders and when you hear the characteristic click, the car seat is firmly attached.

Is an ISOFIX-mounted car seat always safer?

Many people are under the mistaken illusion that, regardless of the situation, an ISOFIX-mounted car seat will always be safer. Unfortunately, it is not so colorful, as both in the case of a seat mounted with the help of seat belts and in the case of a seat compatible with ISOFIX attachment it is necessary to check crash tests, as they have a key impact on the safety of such a seat. 

Don’t forget that a used seat with ISOFIX also has no chance of being safe. After all, buying a used car seat means the risk that this one has been involved in an accident, especially if it is not equipped with seat belts. This means that this car seat has been involved in a collision or accident, and the belts have been cut off by the police so that the car seat does not go into further circulation, as it will no longer provide safety. 

Advantages and disadvantages of a car seat with ISOFIX

First of all, a car seat with ISOFIX has one major disadvantage, which is the price. It is often significantly higher than that of classic car seats. In addition, many models do not fit both ISOFIX and seat belt attachment, so if we are forced to move to a car that is not equipped with such a system, there is a risk that the seat will not be able to be used. 

However, there are many more advantages. First of all, the installation of an ISOFIX car seat is very simple, and we will always do it correctly, as we will notice mistakes very quickly if we install it incorrectly. In addition, an ISOFIX car seat is more stable, and if, for example, we choose an ISOFIX base on which the car seat is mounted, we can count on many years of use, and the child will be able to be carried comfortably in the car seat-carrier.

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