Catalytic converter – what is it used for and why can’t it be cut out?

Catalytic converter – what is it used for and why can’t it be cut out?
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Have you heard of a catalytic converter, but have no idea what it’s used for or what it looks like? It’s a metal can that sits at the bottom of every car. The job of this part is to make sure that the toxicity of the exhaust is reduced. The work of the catalytic converter is usually correct, but there can be faults that cause disruption of its work. What should be done in such a situation?

What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is placed in every car. It does not matter whether the car is powered by gas or petrol. This is the part that makes sure that the exhaust fumes, which come out of the car, were the least harmful to health and that their composition was neutralized. Currently, modern cars must meet certain guidelines set by the European Union. Modifications in the law are caused by changes that occur in the environment. In the interest of health and ecology, it is necessary to ensure that the cars produce as little harmful fumes as possible. For this it is necessary to have a functioning catalytic converter.

What does a catalytic converter consist of?

A catalytic converter consists of several parts

  • the catalytic active coating, which is created from elements. Its task is to enter into chemical reactions with harmful components which are present in the exhaust gases. This makes them harmless to health and the environment;
  • intermediate coating that covers the entire surface of the tubules on the carrier. Its task is to ensure that the catalytically active coating works properly;
  • a carrier made of metal or ceramic. The catalytic converter housing looks like a long metal can. At the front, it is connected by a pipe to the exhaust system, while at the rear is a pipe leading to the muffler

Can a catalytic converter be cut out?

Wondering if a catalytic converter can be removed from your car in the event of an accident? There is only one answer to this question – you can’t. Polish law prohibits cutting out the catalytic converter from the car. Every year the car is required to pass an inspection – if the diagnostician detects that the car has a catalytic converter cut out, the car will not pass the inspection and will not be allowed on the road. The reason for this is that a car without a catalytic converter has no chance of meeting the standards of exhaust emissions, so moving it negatively affects health and the environment.

What defects can affect the catalytic converter?

Unfortunately, this part of the car can wear out and its work can be disrupted. If the catalytic converter is already worn out, there may be characteristic symptoms indicating that it needs to be replaced. Often described is a rattling sound in the lower part of the car, which can be heard while driving. This disturbing sound can occur when part of the catalytic converter has been crushed. Another disturbing symptom is a sudden drop in engine power or an increase in fuel consumption without any changes in driving technique. Another symptom is a light that comes on at higher speeds.

If the catalytic converter fails or wears out, it is necessary to repair the fault. The driver can choose to replace the catalytic converter with a new one. Original catalytic converters are available on the market, as well as slightly cheaper substitutes. Used catalytic converters are also available, but before buying them it is worth making sure that they are not damaged or worn out.


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