Interesting gadgets that make packing things in the car easier – TOP 10

Interesting gadgets that make packing things in the car easier – TOP 10
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Going on vacation with your family? Are you travelling by car? Do you need striking gadgets to make packing easier? One of them is a bag tailored to a specific car model – find out the rest

When you think about packing for a trip, do you get shivers? We know it, the task is not easy, especially when there is not much space in the car and the family is big. That is why many manufacturers want to meet the expectations of their customers and create interesting gadgets that can make things easier. See the list of 10 products, which will make packing and placing all the luggage in the car a trivial matter!

  1. Bag fitted to the trunk

A gadget that will effectively replace all your suitcases. The brand Kjust is the originator and producer of this gadget. The bags are perfectly matched to the given make and model of vehicle. The company offers a large selection of compatible bags. In models with a large trunk you can easily fit up to 5 pieces as in the picture. Thanks to space management and using it to the maximum, you can count on up to 2x larger volume of luggage than normal!

  1. Rear seat organizer

A place which is rarely used in a car as a luggage space. No wonder, there are no hooks, shelves or bags there. However, this can be changed. Such an organizer will make you finally manage this part of the car. You will put there the most necessary things, which can be useful to you during the journey. Why? Because from the level of the rear seat you can easily reach them (of course if the seat and the trunk are not isolated parts of your car).

  1. Trunk organizer

We’ve already introduced the rear bench seat organizer, now it’s time for the trunk organizer. Several or more compartments where you can put just about anything. There are bigger and smaller ones. Great choice for fishing trip, picnic, camping, survival or short vacation. When you are not using it, you can fold it down to the size of a shopping net!

  1. Roof rack

Probably everyone knows roof rack. Additional few hundred liters for luggage. You can fit clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and there is still some space for drinks or provisions. Tight and easy to install, unfortunately quite expensive, especially when you have to buy roof rails, as there are none on the car.

  1. Tourist fridge

Travel coolers come in different sizes, but they always serve the same purpose. They will keep your food fresh for a long time or cool your drink. They are indispensable for all travelers who set off on a car trip lasting several days. The ideal place for a travel cooler can be behind the passenger or driver seat. Then you have everything at hand!

  1. Fastening ropes

An invaluable gadget when there is a lot of slack in the trunk. If you don’t want suitcases, nets, travel coolers and other items to slide around corners, or worse, fall over, tie them with a rope and attach it, for example, to the headrest mounts of the rear seat.

  1. Anti-slip mat for the trunk

Another product that guarantees a good grip of your luggage. It works well in the same situation as ropes, i.e. when there are slightly fewer suitcases, or when you are transporting items with slippery packaging or smooth surfaces. Remember to make sure the mat fits your car. You can find a matching solution for your vehicle make and model on auction sites or online stores.

  1. Stick-on mesh pocket

You have a lot of interesting proposals to choose from, which differ mainly in size. Opt for nets attached with glue to plastic elements in the car. Choose those that stick to the back of the seat with Velcro, among other things. You can use a solution that only fits your phone, or one where you can put a large number of bottles, provisions, or a jacket, so that you are never surprised by rain. Then you won’t have to look for extra clothes in the suitcase located in the trunk.

  1. Car trinket box

In your luggage, there are bound to be small items, like toiletries, that you would like to have on hand during your trip. If you don’t have a car trinket box, you can put it under your feet (unless you’re the driver, of course). You can also store small snacks, a map, or a water bottle there. It can also be a trash can, if you think that is the best use for this product.

  1. Trunk Chest

The trunk lid is useful both for travel and everyday use. The Velcro fastening ensures stability. It can be used for products that are prone to breakage, those with slippery packaging or those that need to be kept separate from others or stored in dark places.

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