Women Friendly Cars – what are their features?

Women Friendly Cars – what are their features?
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A beautiful color isn’t the only car feature that women put at the top of their list of benefits. Check out what other distinctive features a woman-friendly car should have!

Women are increasingly deciding to buy a car. Importantly, they do it on their own without the help of a husband or another man. What do they pay attention to when buying? Contrary to appearances, it is not only the make or color of a car. First of all, they look for safe solutions and well-equipped cars. Thanks to that they feel more confident while driving. We present a list of features of a woman-friendly vehicle!

  1. Safety of children – the most important thing for mothers is the safety of their children. They opt for child friendly vehicles. Ideally, the front airbag can be disconnected to carry the child in the front. In addition, the car should have isofix and a wide enough rear door. Then taking out and putting in the whole car seat or just the child is not a problem,
  2. Driver assistance systems – another essential element in the equipment of any female-friendly vehicle. Systems such as ABS or ESP are standard. Ladies like to choose cars with parking assistant, lane assist, traffic jam start assistant or Start-Stop system. It is best if the car is equipped with each of these systems,
  3. Parking sensors – if not an assistant, then certainly parking sensors both front and rear. In older cars, you have to make compromises, hence only the sensors. Nevertheless, they make maneuvering in tight parking spaces in underground parking lots much easier,
  4. Practical car – according to women a car should not be big, but capacious enough. Practical elements such as a large number of compartments with different capacities or a large trunk are welcome features,
  5. Safety during an accident – men and women agree on this issue. Every vehicle should be properly equipped with a good number of airbags and other systems to ensure less injury in an accident. It is great if the vehicle has an SOS button or notifies the emergency services by itself after the airbags are deployed during an accident. Interestingly, in such a situation, the location of the car is automatically assessed. The driver and passengers may be unconscious, but this will not block the possibility of finding and rescuing them,
  6. Faultlessness – as a rule, women are not mechanics. They also hate it when something needs to be repaired all the time. It is supposed to serve, and not stand on a lift in a service center. That is why it is good if the vehicle is faultless, reliable and inexpensive in operation. It is best when you do not even have to think about changing oil and filters or other elements. Fortunately, there is an app that can help with that. Opel OnStar reminds the user of the last service or oil change. The app can be downloaded to your phone!
  7. Maneuverability – urban conditions are not driver friendly. Women appreciate cars that are small and maneuverable enough to fit into any parking space! There are plenty of small city vehicles on the market. Interestingly, however, some women prefer large cars. Their attention is drawn to SUVs in bright colors. In the city, however, such a large vehicle is not a good solution.
  8. Economy – a car for a woman should be cheap to operate. This also applies to refuelling at petrol stations – preferably as seldom as possible. The vehicle should not consume much fuel, 5 liters per 100 kilometers is the upper limit.
  9. Comfort during the trip – everyone likes comfortable cars. It doesn’t matter whether the driver will be covering long distances every day, or just the way from home to work and back. Comfortable seats, preferably heated, the possibility to adjust the lumbar section, a large adjustment of the height and distance between the seat and the pedals are a few key features that women value most.

Contrary to what one may think, a woman-friendly car does not mean bright colors and a lot of compartments for a second pair of shoes or glasses. Ladies opt for cars that are economical, maneuverable, and at the same time inexpensive to operate. Another feature that a car should have is driver safety and support during an accident. Moms also do not forget about their children – so the car must meet all safety requirements

(Photo: pixabay.com)

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