Women’s motorcycle jacket – which one to choose?

Women’s motorcycle jacket – which one to choose?
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If riding a motorcycle is going to be fun for you, then you need to have the right closet. One of its most important elements are motorcycle jackets. Which one should you choose to ride a motorcycle safely and comfortably?

Apart from the helmet, you need to remember about the right clothing. Women’s motorcycle clothing consists of gloves, boots, pants and a jacket which covers the upper parts of the body. You should not underestimate its role in your motorcycle gear. What’s more, in some situations it’s even worth having several different jackets adapted to the given weather conditions and riding style. Why is a jacket so important and what can it protect you from?

What is the importance of a motorcycle jacket?

A well-fitted jacket is important for your comfort and safety. It protects you from wind and insects that may bite your body while riding. It also keeps your body warmer, limiting hypothermia on colder days. What’s more, some jackets are also good at protecting you from rain, so you certainly won’t get wet while moving around on your motorcycle.

However, apart from improving comfort, a women’s motorcycle jacket also increases safety. It should be equipped with special protectors that are placed at critical parts of the body. In case of a possible fall, the protectors will protect the skin from abrasions, and in some cases they will also protect against fractures.

What should be the right motorcycle jacket?

A women’s motorcycle jacket needs to be a good fit for your body size. Remember that the built-in protectors should lie exactly where they belong – at the lumbar region, elbows, back. Don’t buy a model that is too tight, as it will affect your comfort and restrict your movements.

Of course, a high-class jacket must have protectors placed in a permanent way. Of course a quality jacket has to have protectors placed firmly, so that they do not move while you are wearing it. It will also protect you from wind and stones, which may fall out from under the wheels of passing cars. Because of the wide selection of jackets, you can also bet on a fashionable cut, cut and color. This way you will not only protect yourself from injury, but also look great while riding!

Textile or leather – which motorcycle jacket is for you?

Now that you know why you should move around in a motorcycle jacket and how the model for you should be made, let’s see if it’s better to travel in textile or leather clothing. Because each type has different advantages and disadvantages and is designed for female motorcyclists with different riding styles.

If you are a fan of sporty motorcycles and you occasionally try your hand at the track – you will definitely benefit from investing in a leather model. It is stronger than the textile version and will withstand possible contact with the ground, effectively protecting your skin. What is more, it will protect you better against the impact of, for example, a stone and it will fit in with the sporty style of riding. A leather jacket is also a better choice if you are a fan of cruiser type motorcycles. Such jackets go well with the street cruiser style, also protecting you more effectively in case of a possible abrasion.

However, you need to keep in mind that leather clothing is heavier and also much more prone to heat build-up when exposed to high temperatures. Prolonged riding in a leather jacket during hot weather may not be pleasant. For this reason – especially for fans of touring motorcycles – we strongly recommend textile jackets. These are made of breathable, windproof and often waterproof materials. They also have built-in protectors. They are not as durable as their leather counterparts, but they will protect your skin from possible abrasions. A textile jacket will also be suitable for women who don’t like heavy clothing

Find the motorcycle jacket for you!

The market today offers many different types of motorcycle jackets. Some are clipped into the pants, providing a sort of all-around protection for the female motorcyclist. Others are a separate part of the costume. Among those available for sale, you can find Shima jackets. This is a brand that is highly regarded by motorcyclists. This manufacturer offers different variants of textile and leather clothing, in a really wide range of colors

As you can see, a motorcycle jacket serves many functions, increasing the comfort and safety of riding. It is a necessary piece of clothing if you want to fully enjoy the experience of riding a unicycle. When choosing a jacket for yourself, be guided by its functionality, size, safety and the material from which it is made.

Main Photo: Ekaterina Belinskaya/pexels.com

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