First motorcycle for a woman – what will be perfect?

First motorcycle for a woman – what will be perfect?
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Are you facing the purchase of your first motorcycle? Not sure what to decide on? We will give you a hint! Check what you should bet on when you are just starting your adventure with a motorcycle!

For a long time motorcycles have been considered as machines for men. However, times change and this situation is no different. Women are more and more often getting on motorcycles. Of course, it is fun to ride, invaluable experience, stunning acceleration and at the same time adrenaline, which everyone dreams about. However, everyone starts somewhere, a woman who has just passed her driving license for a motorcycle or does not have it yet, will not get on a Suzuki Hayabusa right away. She needs something smaller and, above all, weaker. Knowing how to tame such a beast is no mean feat. Another issue is what you need, should it be a motorcycle for everyday riding, for example, to work or maybe for longer routes? Probably many women are looking for a motorcycle for “fun”. Should it be suitable for asphalt or gravel roads? There are many questions, so what to decide on? Here are some interesting suggestions for you to start!

Some suggestions for women to start with!

In fact, there are no bikes that are specifically designed for women. Specifications like seat height are important here. Women are generally shorter than men, so this will make a big difference for them. Another feature suitable for you is the low weight of the motorcycle. Comfort, ease of handling and overall dimensions are also worth considering. Examples below:

Honda MSX 125

An example of a unicycle created for the needs of women. Small, really light, with the seat positioned quite low. It’s not a typical racer, but that’s probably a good thing. A woman sits on the bike quite straight, has a great field of vision (even with a helmet – no windscreen and handlebars placed low enough). It’s also a very sleek model with beautiful shades to choose from. In addition, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it, which is also quite important for a first motorcycle, we recommend!

Ducati Monster 696

Referred to as a “woman’s motorcycle” due to its popularity. Ladies appreciate the model for its low positioned seat. Its height is exactly 77 centimeters, which is not much compared to the competition. Also the weight of the unicycle is of great importance here and must be considered an advantage – it is equal to 161 kilograms without liquids. Even a not too tall and strong woman will manage to tame the model. The name Monster, however, may scare people away. The motorcycle can be a beast, but only if you exceed a certain turn of the carburetor, otherwise it is calm. Recommended, not as the first, but definitely the second one for ladies. Still light and low, but already a bit more powerful.

Yamaha Virago 535

One of the most popular among men and women who are just starting their adventure with the bike. Quite light, the power doesn’t make much of an impression on riders, and the height of the bench seat allows for confident contact with the ground, even for low users. What else makes it stand out? Availability – there are really a lot of them on auction portals. You can choose among many colors, which has its advantages, especially among women.

Honda CRF 250

If there was something for asphalt roads, it is time for gravel roads. The weaker version of the Honda CRF 450 is an ideal option for women. Smaller capacity means easier traversing of difficult routes. The bike doesn’t pull away, doesn’t jerk, and is “quite” calm, if I may say so. The only drawback? The considerable seat height, but once you’re on it, the bike settles down firmly thanks to the soft shock absorbers.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Back to the tarmac, or rather the city. The Kawasaki Ninja excels in tight streets. It has a very small turning radius, it is not powerful, the seat is placed quite low, and the weight does not exceed 200 kilograms, with fluids it is exactly 170 kilograms. Attention is also drawn to the very low fuel consumption, on average in the city it will be 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Economical, small, not too powerful – a great proposal for all women who are just beginning their adventure with motorcycles.

We have presented only five models which, in our opinion, are perfect as motorcycles for the beginning. Of course, there are more solutions, such as Suzuki V-Storm 250 or Suzuki VanVan 125. What you decide on is up to you. However, study this list and you will surely find something to your liking.


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