7 Car Maintenance Tips Every Driver Should Know

7 Car Maintenance Tips Every Driver Should Know
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Countless cars bolting on the streets, but how many drivers actually have an idea of the vehicle’s basic upkeep. Not many! Owning a car definitely delivers personal freedom, which you can’t find in public transport. However, you get more independent and responsible with the knowledge of its basic care and servicing. So, you won’t be rummaging around to find an auto mechanic. 

Whether you have been driving for ages or just got a car off the lot, you need to know basic car maintenance tips. Here we have curated an incredibly helpful & comprehensive list of the same. Read on!

7 general car maintenance tips every car owner should know

  1. Wash & wax your car regularly

A spik and span vehicle not only resists common wear and tear signs like rust, scratches, etc., but also its value does not plummet absurdly. One should try to wash it once or twice every two weeks. In case the vehicle faces exposure to corrosive compounds such as salt, the cleaning should be considered more often. 

  1. Inspect your air filter

Loose or clogged air filters can trigger several glitches in the car. Air filters are meant to inhibit pollen, dust, and other contaminants to preserve the wellbeing of the engine. However, a grimy air filter lowers the flow of air into the car engine, which gradually debilitates fuel economy and the overall performance of the car. Once you have covered 12,000 miles, prefer replacing the air filters. 

  1. Change your headlights

Eventually, headlights get exhausted, and then, they should be changed promptly. As the headlights facilitate visibility for others on the road while driving in the dark, they gain the stand of one of the most critical safety elements of a car. You can learn to replace a headlight with a simple and fast DIY fix method.  

  1. Test your car battery

Your car runs on a battery apart from the fuel as it delivers the electric power to the engine, starter, and other electricity-dependent accessories in the vehicle. Favor regular battery testing to ascertain the proper performance of the battery. 

  1. Replace faulty spark plugs 

Spark plugs ignite the air mixture and gas to power the auto. A faulty one can impact the efficiency of the vehicle’s engine, which will hold it from operating at its maximum capacity. You may ask an expert and get the defective spark plugs changed instantly. 

  1. Understand what each warning light indicator means

Indicators in the car inform or warn the driver about things like low air in tyres, changing the gas cap, and so forth. To grasp the hitch in your car, you need to understand what each indicator light has to say. And to know this, you can refer to the owner manual. 

  1. Check your car fluids frequently

Make it a routine to inspect the tyres along with the car fluids. Let the engine cool down, then raise the hood, and take off the oil dipstick. Scour clean the dipstick and put it where it was. Now pull the stick back now, and then you can observe the oil level, which should touch the correct threshold. Replace and check the fluid regularly and that of power steering as well. 

Photo: Tim Mossholder/unsplash.com

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