How do you get your vehicle out of a skid? Check out our guide

How do you get your vehicle out of a skid? Check out our guide
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Buckling, or wheel slippage that occurs when starting on a surface with limited grip, is a common occurrence when roads are snowy or icy. The solution is relatively simple, but despite its simplicity, panic can set in.

Stay calm and in control of your vehicle

The first and most important rule to follow in any similar situation. Now you need to regain control of your vehicle. Take your foot off the accelerator and try to accelerate again by pressing the pedal more gently. Accelerate slowly and carefully. Unless it can make the situation more dangerous, such as when you are going down a steep hill. You may have to use the above technique several times if your wheels get stuck in the snow

It is important to prevent wheel spin by driving slowly when the road is difficult, such as when the street is icy.


Wheel lock occurs when you brake too hard and too suddenly. The car continues to move even though the tires have stopped rotating. This is one of the most common and dangerous situations. Fortunately, most cars nowadays have an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to prevent the wheels from locking when you brake too hard.

Check your car’s owner’s manual or look for the ABS symbol on the dashboard when you start your car to see if your car is equipped with the safety system.


Understeer skidding occurs when your vehicle’s front tires lose traction and you can’t turn into a corner. This happens when you have not slowed down enough before making the turn. If your car is front-wheel drive, don’t spin the front tires. Also, aggressive braking can make this situation more dangerous. The wheels will lock up, and you will lose control of the vehicle. Another factor that causes understeer is a weight discrepancy between the front and rear of the car.

Remember, turning in the direction you intended to turn when the understeer skid occurred will make your situation even worse. The most important thing is to regain traction. Trying to steer your semi straight and then slowly turning it in the direction you wanted can help you regain control so you stop sliding off the road

Prevent falling into understeer by reducing your speed before turning. Pay attention to speed limit signs, especially when you’re exiting a freeway or expressway. If the roads are icy, snowy or slippery, drive slower than the signs recommend


This is a type of skid that occurs when the rear wheels of a car lose traction in a turn and the rear of the car is carried out of the turn. Oversteer is most common in rear-wheel drive vehicles. This can happen when you’re driving too fast and brake while turning, causing the weight to shift from the rear tires to the front

If you are driving a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the first thing you need to do is take your foot off the gas. If you’re driving a front-wheel-drive vehicle, take your foot off the brakes and gently press down on the gas. Then gently turn in a safe direction, If you jerk the steering wheel too fast, you won’t get any traction, so you will continue to slide. Gradual turning will allow your wheels to gain traction

As with an understeer skid, first of all, slow down. Reduce your speed on icy or snowy roads.


So-called fishtailing can occur when you fail to control oversteer. The rear end of the vehicle slides one way and then the other (hence the fishtailing and comparison to the movement of a fish). The situation is dangerous because the car will gain speed with each sweep until you get the situation under control. This is one of the most stressful cases, so again we remind you – stay calm. By the third sweep you could lose control of your vehicle completely, so composure and the right reaction is key.

If you’re driving a rear-wheel drive car, the first step is to take your foot off the gas. If it’s front-wheel drive, take your foot off the brakes and accelerate gently. With each sweep, turn the steering wheel slightly in the direction you want to go. If you turn too hard, you won’t gain traction and will continue to slide. So continue to gently turn the wheels in the direction your rear end is headed until you regain full grip

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