Which tires to choose or save on fuel?

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Which tires to choose or save on fuel?
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Are you looking to replace the tires on your car, but wondering if this purchase could affect your vehicle’s fuel economy? Maybe you’ve already made the replacement and noticed that the fuel burn has changed?

It’s possible, because what tires your car is running on will affect its fuel economy. Find out how to choose the right tyres to reduce fuel consumption and save money.

Fuel consumption and car tires

It is important to know what to look for when choosing tires for your car. One aspect you should not forget is of course the tire label, which you should read before you decide to buy a specific model

By law, all car tires sold in the European Union must carry a label. The label must include information such as the fuel efficiency class of the tire. It is necessary to include information about the wet grip of the tires, as well as about how they handle in difficult conditions when braking

Also very important is the noise level, which has a large impact on driving comfort. Now that we know what to look for when buying, it’s worth checking what aspects have the greatest impact on fuel consumption.

Rolling resistance and fuel consumption

In order to choose tires that reduce fuel consumption, it is necessary to choose energy efficient tires. This means that it is best to choose models with the A label, which is the highest class of energy efficiency. These have the highest energy efficiency and can therefore significantly reduce fuel consumption

It should not be forgotten that the tyres must be matched to the vehicle model. The manufacturer’s recommendations should therefore be followed when making a purchase, so that the best driving conditions can be achieved.

How does the structure of the tire affect fuel consumption?

The construction and weight of a tire have an impact on rolling resistance, which is one of the most important factors in fuel consumption. It is important to remember that the lighter the tires are, the lower the rolling resistance is. This allows the car to use less energy to move the wheels. In addition, the type of tire matters.

Radial tires have a lower rolling resistance than bias tires. So it is better to opt for the former to be able to reduce fuel consumption. The type of tread also has an influence on this. It is also very important that the tires are made of high quality materials and that they resist uneven tread wear.

Tire and rim size – does it affect fuel consumption?

Tire size also has an influence on rolling resistance and consequently on fuel consumption. It is advisable to choose a size that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturers. In addition, the size of the rim must not be exaggerated. The larger the wheel, the higher the rolling resistance can be. Changing these parameters is very important, so in this case it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and do not experiment.

Tire year – can the level of wear have an influence on fuel consumption?

The good news is that a worn tire, where the tread is slightly shallower than at the start, has less rolling resistance. So this means that older tires can reduce fuel consumption. However, this does not mean that you can forget about changing your tyres.

The older a tire gets, the less able it is to maintain optimum safety conditions while driving. The grip and load-bearing capacity of the tire decreases. As a result, the risk of skidding may increase, braking distances may be considerably longer and the tyres may not perform as well on wet roads. You can’t put energy efficiency before safety, so it’s essential to change your tires regularly when the tread level gets too low.

By knowing a little more about how tires affect fuel consumption, you can decide on a model that will be able to help you achieve satisfactory results.

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