Hotel, caravan or maybe an RV – which solution is best?

Hotel, caravan or maybe an RV – which solution is best?
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A vacation trip doesn’t have to immediately mean buying a place in a hotel. Currently, you can take advantage of really many options. What are the most popular solutions?

What form of recreation to decide on?

Vacations are approaching fast, which means that more and more people are starting to think about what form of recreation they will choose in order to have a good and fun vacation. Hotel bookings are still among the most popular, but there is no shortage of people who are increasingly opting for a caravan or campervan trip.

Before anyone decides on a particular travel format, they should think carefully about what they like best. Does he or she like having constant access to the hotel restaurant, convenient parking, a clean bed and spacious bathroom with a sea view, or does he or she want to spend time in nature, for example at a nearby lake? It is also worth considering a vacation in the format of “sleep where you want,” which often allows you to spend a night or longer in places where there are neither hotels, nor campgrounds or even campsites.

Each option has its own pros and cons, so you should also prepare for other considerations than the format itself. These issues are certainly finances, but also general organizational matters, such as taking your favorite things, access to the Internet and electricity, or simply adequate kitchen facilities

The option with renting a hotel – who is this solution good for?

Renting a hotel room is probably one of the most popular ways to spend a vacation comfortably. Travelers can often find really attractive offers, where the price is sometimes even inadequate to the quality of services offered

To find a suitable offer, you can use portals such as,, or Trivago. This is where seasonal promotions appear, as well as special packages for regular users looking for an interesting place to stay

What you should be guided by when choosing a particular location is, above all, opinions. Even the best-looking hotel in the pictures, or the one with a reputation may turn out to be a bust. You should first of all check whether the users issuing reviews are verified. It is common to buy flattering comments, but you can recognize them quite easily, they are usually vague and not abound in detail

Caravanning – is it worth using this solution?

The caravan is increasingly being chosen by holidaymakers mainly because of the possibilities it offers. Using a caravan, you can stay in campsites and enjoy beautiful, breathtaking views

It’s also an option for those who mainly care about the location they want to be in, rather than the comforts – although you can’t complain here either, as many caravans are currently manufactured to a very high standard. It is usually said that the biggest advantage of this solution is also the price, but unfortunately this is not always true, because the fields designed for camping, for example, abroad, are sometimes more expensive than hotels.

Vacation with a campervan – is it a good idea?

RV travel is probably one of the many dreams that is shared by a really large number of people. A house on four wheels, as this means of transport is also called, guarantees great independence and possibilities. Thanks to it, you can traverse almost any terrain and sleep in unique places, where beautiful views are far superior to those you can look at from a hotel room.

An additional advantage is that you do not have to buy such a machine right away – you can rent it. The right amount of money for this purpose will be enough to go on a campervan trip and have a great time anywhere. If you want to buy your own camper, you should choose an option that allows you to garage your car. Thanks to this, one can drive to the area of a big city, but travel around it with a regular car


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