Checking the air conditioning before a long journey – how to do it effectively?

Checking the air conditioning before a long journey – how to do it effectively?
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A long trip on a hot day will be pleasant, only if the air conditioning in the car is fully operational. What to do and how to check the air conditioning for the trip so that it does not refuse to serve?

Once a rare amenity, and now standard equipment in the car. Air conditioning is a system that is designed not only to make driving more comfortable, but also to improve safety, so it is a very important part of the car.

Service is essential

Each of us changes the oil in the engine, or tires depending on the season. These are typical maintenance activities in the car, which must take place at least once a year. The same is true of the air conditioning system. Every year, the entire system should be checked by a specialist, de-funged and refilled to the nominal amount of refrigerant. It is also worth turning on the air conditioning not only during hot weather, but regularly throughout the year. Thanks to this system is not stagnant, and possible failures less likely. Remember that used regularly air conditioning, is a functional air conditioning

If we have any doubts about the operation of the entire system, it is worth driving to a specialist who will watch with a keen eye every element, listen, whether there are no disturbing sounds and check on professional machines, whether there are no leaks anywhere. On the occasion of such service is also checked whether the cabin filter does not require replacement. An important part of the inspection is also the de-fumigation, which is done with special agents or – more and more often – with ozone. Ozone is used because it is very effective in removing bacteria and germs, which in turn affects our health

What can I do myself?

Checking the air conditioner by yourself is limited to a few steps, for which you do not need any additional equipment

The easiest to check is the temperature. To verify if the air conditioning is working efficiently, simply put your hand to the air vents and verify how cold air is coming out. If the air conditioning is efficient, your hand should quickly get cold. It’s even better if you have a thermometer when doing this. When you insert the thermometer into the vent, the air should be below 8 degrees Celsius. It is assumed that if the air is warmer than 10 degrees, it means that the system may have some kind of malfunction.

Another important activity is de-fumigation. In stores you can buy special products, which after application are designed to de-fungus our system. It is not worth buying the cheapest preparations, but purchase branded ones. During the operation of de-fumigation must be strictly adhered to the instructions supplied with the product!

Replacement of the cabin filter should not be complicated either. In most cars, you do not need any additional tools for this operation. It is worth checking whether the filter is still suitable for further use or whether it should be replaced. Location and instructions for replacing the filter is specific to each model, but on the Internet you can easily find such information.

The last thing you can do is to listen for any disturbing noises when the air conditioner is running. In case you turn on the air conditioner and you hear a noise from under the hood, it may mean that some component needs verification.

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