Headlight restoration – what is worth knowing?

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Headlight restoration – what is worth knowing?
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Tarnished headlights are quite a problem, which has a significant impact on how effective the lighting in the car is. In such a situation, they are suitable for renovation. What is worth knowing about it?

Why is headlight restoration necessary?

As is well known, when driving at night, our only visibility is provided by the headlights and possibly by lighting, which, however, is installed in few places, such as cities or highway interchanges. For this reason, tarnished headlights are quite dangerous, as they can significantly impair how well the road in front of the car is illuminated.

How to carry out headlight restoration?

If we have decided that our car needs headlight restoration, we have two options. The first is to simply give the headlights to professionals who are in charge of reconditioning them, thereby restoring their former luster. However, this is such a simple process that you can just as well do it completely on your own with some free time, a reconditioning kit, and an electric polisher or a grinder, drill or screwdriver instead. 

The very beginning of the remanufacturing consists of a very thorough washing and drying of the headlights, and then securing the nearby areas with the help of masking tape, which comes with most kits designed for headlight remanufacturing. This way we can be sure that by regenerating the headlights we will not damage our paint. 

Regeneration for good starts with a decent sanding. To do this we use a polisher, or a drill or screwdriver, or of course a grinder and sandpaper. For headlights that are only slightly tarnished, a gradation of 1200 or 1500 is recommended, and for those that no longer look very good, a gradation of 800 will be optimal.

After sanding, we have very little work left. First, we will use polishing paste and a headlight polishing tool to polish them thoroughly. This will get rid of all the microscratches that were created by using sandpaper. After polishing, thoroughly remove any leftover paste, then apply headlight preservative. In this way, you can enjoy fully restored headlights.

main photo: pixabay.com/wilkernet

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