How do I check the condition of my air conditioner before a trip?

How do I check the condition of my air conditioner before a trip?
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A hiking trip is an endeavor that requires special preparations, and air conditioning is one of the items to pay special attention to during them.

What steps should be taken before deciding to have the air conditioning in the car checked?

The first step to take before deciding to have the air conditioning in your car inspected is proper prevention to avoid more costly repairs, which, before going on vacation, can be an unexpected cost that makes the trip much more difficult

For starters, make sure to change your dehumidifier filter regularly. This should be done at least every two years and for major air conditioning repairs. Why is this important? A properly functioning dehumidifier is responsible for the incredibly important issue of taking away moisture and cleaning the refrigerant from dirt. It is the element that makes the whole air conditioning system work properly.

The second element, which is equally important and is also a filter, is the cabin filter. It is responsible for the flow of air into the cabin. Ensuring proper air circulation is combined with cleaning it from pollen and other substances adversely affecting the quality of driving and, above all, the health of passengers. Replacement should be done preferably every six or twelve months.

Paying attention to these issues protects passengers and the person who drives the vehicle from dangerous germs and bacteria, as well as secures the household budget from larger, unplanned expenses, which in some cases can thwart even travel plans

Checking the air conditioning before a trip – what should you pay attention to?

Coming to the essence of this topic: first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the nearest plant, which offers optimal prices and a comprehensive set of services. It may seem like a rather mundane issue, but the air conditioner requires that it is taken care of only by a qualified professional who will be able to locate the fault and also repair it effectively. It is possible to go to a professional who does regular check-ups or use a recommendation.

By regularly changing the aforementioned filters – cabin filter and dehumidifier – you will probably be able to significantly reduce repair costs or avoid additional charges altogether, if the repairs are carried out regularly

How does the air conditioning check work?

What is done in the workshop consists mainly of a steady sequence of steps to check whether the air conditioning is working properly in the first place, as well as what moves will be most effective when it comes to repairing faults. At first, to check the state of tightness of the system, nitrogen is used with a special foam. It is left in places where there are leaks, which in the future can result in a serious failure or simply malfunction of the entire system. These can also be other techniques, for details it is worth asking the chief mechanic at the given plant.

The next step is to check the coolant and oil levels. This is proceeded to once it is clear that there are no leaks. In the course of regular operation the level of these two substances may decrease, and they are indispensable for the proper functioning of the entire system – oil is responsible, for example, for lubrication of the compressor

The next steps, which are particularly important in ensuring the proper condition of the entire system, are control of water drainage from the evaporator, temperature and disinfection of the air conditioning system. The first step is based on the fact that the rubber tube, which is responsible for water drainage from the evaporator, is checked for patency. The temperature check consists of checking the number of degrees at the air vents in the cabin. This allows you to see if the air conditioning system is really delivering the temperature you set. The final step is to disinfect the air conditioning system. The most common way to do this is to use ozone. This procedure involves the substance being introduced into the interior of the car. Once the air conditioner and the internal circulation are running, it is all over

As you can see, the proper inspection of the air conditioning is quite a complex procedure, so you can book a visit to the workshop in advance, so that in case of complications you can have enough time to perform the repair, as well as to allocate the appropriate amount.


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