How to safely transport my dog and cat?

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How to safely transport my dog and cat?
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Road traffic regulations do not directly specify the rules for transporting a dog or a cat in a car. So everyone does it their own way – but which will be the safest?

There is no law – there are fines

It turns out that the police do not need a specific law to issue someone with a fine. When it comes to animals, there are no regulations that clearly state how they should be transported. Nevertheless, when your cat or dog will be in the car “sitting” improperly waiting for you a fine of 20 to 500 PLN. So how, according to the police, should the transport of animals look like? Exactly the same as the transport of goods, i.e. a given load, but four basic conditions must be met, namely:

  • the load must not hinder driving the vehicle,
  • it must be secured against changing its position during driving,
  • it must not obstruct the view of the driver of the vehicle,
  • the animal must not suffer or become stressed (Animal Welfare Act).

By following these four rules, you do not have to fear problems during the inspection. It is enough that the cat or dog will not impede your driving, will be comfortable and will not be exposed to significant danger. Okay, but what does this look like in practice?

Use common sense

Do not hold your pet on your lap, especially if you are the driver. It’s also dangerous for a passenger – a dog or cat can suddenly jump onto the driver’s seat or dashboard, completely blocking the view out of the windscreen. Equally irresponsible is to keep the cat on the dashboard, your shoulders, not to mention the floor. A moment of inattention and it is the cat that pushes on the gas and brake pedals, even worse when it gets under the pedals. The safety of your pet is also at stake here. When you brake hard, your body will still be moving at the same speed, and this also applies to animals. You will be saved by the belts, the cat or dog will not be so lucky. And the most important, and often encountered – the animal should not lean out of the window while driving, this poses a danger to both him and other road users!

Bet on high quality products

Unfortunately, there is still a lack of properly made safety features for pets on the go on the market. If there are any, most of them are not certified in any way, which means you are not sure if they work for sure. So you need to follow logic and bet on quality. Proper materials, stable construction and convenient fasteners are a few examples of what you should pay attention to. Your dog and cat also weigh their own weight. Stitched belt with one stitch? It won’t hold up under hard braking! Learn some of the most popular ways to transport pets in the car!

Small and medium dog or cat – it is worth to transport them in comfortable, large pet carriers. They are mounted on the back seat, so that during a collision or sudden braking they will not move. This way you protect your dog or cat and also ensure cleanliness in the car. No hair on the leather or upholstery of the seat. Your pet will be comfortable too!

Large dogs and giant cats 🙂 – are best transported in the trunk in a properly prepared cage. However, the trunk space must be connected with the cabin of the car, it is so in larger vehicles, but also increasingly in smaller ones. Only sedans do not offer such a possibility. Super, if the cage will fit the size of the trunk, then it will not move while driving, and the dog will have a lot of space to spread out. Unfortunately, this way is quite risky during a collision when another driver hits the back of your car.

Comfort first and foremost!

There are many interesting accessories that can significantly increase the comfort of the ride for your pet, and save you the trouble as well. It is, for example, a special mat for the upholstery, so your pet will not dirty it. In addition, nets for windows, which protect against the sun. You can also use grilles that separate the front of the car from the back. We know how a cat or dog can be attached to its owner, even while driving they will want to cuddle with you. Don’t brake hard if possible, don’t drive violently, don’t give your dog a big meal before driving, adjust the air conditioning accordingly. These small things can make a big difference in the comfort of your dog or cat.

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