What should a newborn baby eat before traveling?

What should a newborn baby eat before traveling?
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Traveling with a small child can be tiring, which is why many parents are afraid of trips with a newborn. Before leaving, it is worth thinking about things that may come in handy and a properly composed meal

A pleasant trip with a baby

Travelling with a baby is quite a challenge – especially if you are a new parent. Until recently, hardly anyone would think of taking a newborn on a trip, but many people increasingly decide to do so. In order for the trip to go smoothly and pleasantly, it is worth preparing for it

Special accessories will help in caring for the baby and in storing the necessary things. The meal, which we give the newborn just before the journey, is also very important. A wrongly chosen meal may lead to problems in the form of diarrhoea, vomiting or abdominal pain. It should be remembered that infant’s stomachs are extremely sensitive, especially if the child is exposed to shocks, which are an inseparable element of car travel

Should the baby eat before the trip?

The answer to this question actually depends on when the last meal took place. If our baby is hungry, we must feed him before leaving. Then a small, easily digestible meal will be good, which will help to avoid unpleasant situations during the trip.

Many parents face the dilemma of how much and when a newborn baby should eat. According to specialists, the child in the first weeks of life should eat about 10 times a day, although there are cases in which infants demand food between scheduled feedings. With such young babies, it is up to them to decide when they are put to the breast – sometimes this may even be necessary just before a trip. Although lavish meals are not advisable, we must of course satisfy the basic desires of the child. Otherwise, we can expect constant crying throughout the drive – as we all know, a hungry baby can not be calmed.

Feeding the child before driving

If you plan to travel by car, it is worth organizing the feeding of the newborn in such a way that it takes place at least several minutes before leaving home. During this time the food in the child’s stomach will have time to settle properly, thanks to which we can avoid problems with vomiting or drooling of food while driving.

In case of a few month old babies the matter is so much simpler as we do not have to think about what meal will be the best for them. Without a doubt, it is breast milk, which is naturally adapted to the needs of toddlers. If our child is older, its diet should already be varied with specialized food products

It is worth remembering that infant’s stomachs are very sensitive, and thus exposed to numerous food indigestions. Travelling by car or other means of transport may aggravate stomach problems

What is the best meal?

Above all, a baby’s meal before a journey should be light. Many people choose candy or fatty snacks to minimize the stress of the trip for the baby. This is not a good solution, because such products can cause a lot of indigestion leading to diarrhea or vomiting, and consequently to dehydration.

In the offer for the youngest children you can find many specialized products that are healthy, light, and above all easily digestible. Choosing them, we will be sure that our toddler will be full and calm throughout the journey. Ideal are meals for babies from jars, sugar-free porridge or porridge with steamed vegetables. The meal before the trip should also not be too rich. It is better to give the child a smaller portion and possibly a second one during a short stopover. Feeding the baby “to spare” can lead to stomach pains, which will significantly worsen the comfort of the ride for both the child and the parents.

Motion sickness

Motion sickness is a problem that occurs in many children. Although this ailment is relatively rare in the first two years of life, we still need to be prepared for it. It is a disease caused by poor communication between the parts of the brain responsible for balance and the receptors of muscles, tendons and joint ligaments.

In the case of small children, motion sickness causes a great deal of discomfort and associated stress. It manifests as vomiting, nausea, cold sweats and pale skin. Despite these unpleasant side effects, it should not be the reason why we give up travelling with our baby. Properly composed meals can successfully alleviate all symptoms. Choosing light and filling foods, you can be sure that the child will feel well throughout the trip.

It’s best to choose something from the child’s favorite things, because thanks to it the child will forget about the stress connected with driving, at least for a while. It is worth remembering that the stomach squeezed with nerves can not cope with digesting fatty food. It is also very important to properly hydrate the body, because in the case of children struggling with motion sickness, vomiting is a very common symptom and can lead to dehydration

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