Is it possible to drive economically in winter? Here are some rules

Eco driving
Is it possible to drive economically in winter? Here are some rules
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Winter is a time when many of our fixed charges increase. For days we pay more for electricity, we have to add heating bills to our monthly costs, which are not low. The car is another cost that depletes our household budget. See how to drive a car to save on fuel in the winter months.

What is economical driving?

Economical or economical driving is a style of driving a car, which allows to optimize the operation of the engine, and thus reduce fuel consumption. Economical driving not only saves money, but is also good for the environment. An economical driving style is also good for your car and can have a very positive effect on its lifespan. In the winter, driving economically will not only bolster your budget, but can also make for a more comfortable drive on a snowy road. So, how to drive economically?

Don’t warm up the car before you start driving

Today’s cars are designed to be ready to drive as soon as you start the engine. Even in bitterly cold weather, there is no point in starting the engine a few minutes before starting a journey. Engine warms up fastest while driving, starting the car beforehand does not help much, and burning fuel is an unnecessary expense and seriously contributes to smog

Don’t exceed the speed limit

Driving at the speed set by the law is safe, but it’s also economical. The optimal speed on the road is between 90 and 120 kilometers per hour. At this speed the car burns the least petrol and we and our passengers do not have to fear for our lives. Speed should always be adjusted to the conditions on the road, but regardless of the road condition, speeding has only negative sides. Especially in winter, when driving on a snowy road, following the rules and speed limits is a must.

Don’t overuse the gas

Adding gas every time increases fuel consumption in the car. It is worth to control the amount of gas we use and in this way lower the average fuel consumption. When accelerating, it is best to press the pedal down to 2/3 and increase the speed steadily. In winter, when starting from a standstill on an icy road, the car may slip and make it difficult, for example, to leave the parking lot. Use the accelerator more steadily.

Keep a steady speed

If road conditions allow it, try to drive at a constant speed as often as possible. Maintaining a constant speed will allow the car to select the optimum dose of fuel for itself and reduce average fuel consumption. When driving long distances, especially on a freeway, it is a good idea to use cruise control. It is a great convenience for the driver, but also a way to save money and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

Never sacrifice safety to save money

Don’t try to save fuel at any cost. While previous advice has involved making driving more comfortable or safer on the road, recommendations not to change to winter tires because it increases our fuel consumption are absurd. Economy should always be an addition to driving style, and our safety and that of our passengers must be a priority. When driving on slippery surfaces in winter, don’t use engine braking. With such braking the car will skid much more easily. For the same reason, abandon driving “on the loose” for the winter months. Although it saves fuel, the few zlotys in your wallet aren’t worth the risk.

Economical driving is a great way to reduce the cost of driving your car and reduce your carbon footprint. By adopting this driving style, we will be richer and healthier! While not all fuel-efficient driving techniques are safe in the winter, there are many that will not only help us bolster our household budget, but also increase our comfort when driving in difficult conditions.


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