What car wax to choose for a new car?

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What car wax to choose for a new car?
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It shines, has a deep color and looks great. The paintwork of a new car does not require complicated maintenance. However, it is worth to protect it with special wax to keep its advantages for as long as possible.

There are many different types of preparations available on the market for care, maintenance and renovation of car paintwork. Not all of them are suitable for new cars. The use of some of them does not serve any purpose, others may even damage the flawless paintwork of a new car straight from the showroom. Which car wax works best for a new car?

A hard life for paint

Car paints are thin coatings that degrade over time. They are damaged by rain and snow, strong sunlight and extreme temperatures. They are susceptible to scratches and mechanical damage. They are also damaged by road dust and other dirt, which is unavoidable during everyday car operation. All this makes that over the years, the paint loses its color, scratches, abrasion and increasingly poor protection against corrosion. Fortunately, its life can be significantly extended. It is enough to regularly wash the car body and protect it with appropriate wax. This applies to virtually every type of car – even brand new cars

Protection, renovation and shine

Car wax is one of the basic car care cosmetics. The purpose of such products is to protect and preserve the paint coating of the car body. Their regular use can extend the life of the paint for many years. Wax protects paint against ultraviolet radiation and does not allow it to fade. It also creates a hydrophobic layer on the surface of the car body, protecting it from the harmful effects of water. Another important advantage of using wax is the fact that the surface protected with it is more resistant to dirt and deposits – a waxed car will be easier to wash. The aesthetic aspect is also very important – a car after waxing looks better as the wax gives it a shine and deep color.

Can a new car be waxed?

Wax should be applied basically to every type of car – both to brand new cars and to older ones. The only contraindication for the use of this type of cosmetics is when a fresh coat of paint is applied on the car, which has not yet had time to harden. New cars that have just left the showroom can be waxed without any restrictions – the paint has been applied at least several weeks before handing over the keys to the car to the customer and has already reached its full use value.

Maintenance of a new car

New cars, for obvious reasons, do not need restoration. Their bodywork shines, the varnish sparkles with colors and is free from even the tiniest damages and scratches. However, this does not mean that it does not require any maintenance. It is the car owner’s task, who wants his new vehicle to remain in perfect condition for as long as possible, to properly maintain the paint. This kind of treatment requires the use of appropriate care products. Their selection is not an easy task. There are many different types of waxes available on the market. Among them there are hard and milk waxes, natural and synthetic waxes as well as coloring and scratch-filling waxes

First of all: do no harm

When choosing a product for the care of the car body in a new car, at the very beginning we should reject all the products designed for renovation of the paint. These are products deeply penetrating the paint, whose task is to remove scratches and cracks and to restore the original color of the paint coating. The use of such waxes in new cars not only misses the purpose, but may also contribute to damage to the paint coating. They contain a lot of polishing agents, which may reduce the thickness of the paint. To preserve paintwork of a new car do not use products containing a lot of grease – their main task is to protect sheet metal against corrosion, and cars straight from the factory are perfectly protected against it. Hard waxes are also unlikely to be used for new paint. This kind of preparations permanently bind with paint – if the car was not washed thoroughly before waxing, the deposits left on the car body may be fixed.

Waxing new cars

What kind of wax should be used on paintwork of new cars? The basic solution is to use a shampoo with wax, which works well for paint finishes in good condition. Another way to wax is to use milk or liquid waxes. Such products are very easy to apply and do not leave streaks on the car body. They instantly give the car body a shine and leave a hydrophobic layer on it. They are not very durable (although much depends on the quality of a given product), so it is worth using them after each washing of the car. For those who want a long-lasting effect, the best solution will be a wax paste without abrasive particles. Such a product will not damage the paint and will stay on its surface for a long time, providing permanent protection against water, dirt and harmful radiation.

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