What are the biggest benefits of ecodriving?

Eco driving
What are the biggest benefits of ecodriving?
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The benefits of ecodriving are actually quite a few. They include fuel savings and reduced environmental impact. How to drive eco and what are its advantages? Check it out!

Driving in harmony with the environment? How about economical driving? What is meant by the term “eco-driving”? Actually, both of them! Driving according to this principle, you reduce the amount of exhaust fumes emitted into the atmosphere. In addition, you reduce fuel consumption. However, these are just a few of the benefits that come from such driving. First, let’s learn about the principles of eco-driving, and there are several of them.

How to drive eco?

We present the rules that you should follow. It looks as follows:

  • brake with the engine, do not drive in neutral – so you brake with the gears, not with the brake pedal, instead of driving downhill in neutral, put in a higher gear, let it “drive” your car,
  • accelerate vigorously, not dynamically – press the accelerator pedal to about ¾ of its depth,
  • do not exceed 2500 rpm – above this value the fuel consumption increases significantly,
  • drive in the highest possible gear – if you can afford it, drive in ⅚ gear, preferably on cruise control. Low revs mean low fuel consumption, up to a certain limit of course,
  • when starting off, try to shift up as quickly as possible. In 1/2/3 gear the car burns the most fuel

Remember about tactics and anticipation while driving. This way you can avoid sharp acceleration or sudden braking. Your driving will be as smooth as possible, and therefore “eco”. Evaluate reasons to change speed or gear much earlier! These are some simple ways of eco-driving. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this article – the benefits of eco-driving.

Benefits of eco-driving!

There are plenty of benefits to write about. We will list five of them and briefly describe them to give you a little insight into the benefits you can count on! Examples of course below:


First and foremost, savings. Probably the most important benefit from a driver’s point of view. On average it is 10% per 100 kilometers driven. When the car normally burns about 7l/100km you can count on a little over 6/100km when you follow the rules of ecodriving. Experienced drivers can reach even 20%, and then you can really see the difference. On one refueling it can be even a dozen or so / tens of zlotys!

Environmental protection

This time the benefit for the environment is the reduced amount of exhaust fumes emitted into the atmosphere. This is closely related to our first point. Less fuel consumption means less exhaust fumes. In addition, rapid acceleration means a lot of noise. In rural areas, where there is a lot of wildlife, this is very important. By driving “eco” a little less you have a negative impact on the environment on two levels.


The next point is a mutual benefit, for you and other road users. You drive calmly, at a set speed, thanks to which you observe your surroundings more carefully. It is easier to react faster when, for example, a child on a bicycle jumps out in front of you, someone (although they should not) enters the roadway, or a car from the opposite lane starts overtaking, not seeing you coming from the other lane! You will notice the danger faster and most likely avoid it. It could be very different, more dramatic, if you were driving fast, dynamically, and distracted by devices or music.

Better driving comfort

Point number four is better comfort from driving, not only for you, but mainly for the passengers. I don’t think anyone likes to ride with a driver who is constantly jerking the car around, and certainly not someone who has motion sickness. It affects you too, passive driving, safe distances between the car in front of you, attentive driving – on a long trip these are key factors that make you tire slower. Constant stress, riding up to the bumper of other vehicles, sudden braking, avoiding a collision again and again, frequent acceleration – all these things tire you and your passengers!

Better technical condition of the vehicle for longer, higher price at sale! “Ecodriving” makes car parts wear out slower, they are not used so much, so you save on replacements. In addition, your car is better maintained, so it loses value more slowly! As you can see, it is worth driving economically and ecologically!

(photo: pixabay.com)

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