Motorcycles perfect for women – what models are for you?

Motorcycles perfect for women – what models are for you?
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Is there a perfect, one-of-a-kind motorcycle made just for women? No, just like there aren’t only motorcycles for men. Does this mean that the fair sex has no choice? Nothing of the sort.

Women to rallies!

Times are changing and with them preferences, both for women and men. With the passing of time a certain trend has become visible at motorcycle rallies. More and more women started to appear – and not only as companions!

More and more women are discovering their passion for motorcycles and since childhood they have been trying their hand on miniature machines or attending pit bike trainings with their fathers in order to pass in the near future the driving license for class A. After receiving the desired document, the question arises: which vehicle to decide on?

As with everything in life, it depends on many factors. When buying should take into account, among other things, our physical predisposition, expectations, fitness, physique and the budget that we have set for ourselves. However, nothing is impossible – if a woman wants to, she can buy a touring motorcycle and take a trip of a lifetime on it. That is why female motorcyclists are no longer an uncommon sight on roads and at rallies as they used to be when they could not escape interest and suspicious glances.

Black is slimming and red matches your nails

As it happens in the world of fashion, in the world of motorcycles women usually choose black or red machines. The case is different when it comes to accessories and clothing. Here many of them like to emphasize their gender and decide on white or pink overalls. Despite appearances, women do not like to decorate their machines, but, as always, there is an exception to this rule.

The widest range of female-friendly motorcycles is offered by Yamaha and Ducati, which offer many models perfectly suited to the tastes of the fair sex.

Yamaha Virago 535

The Virago model series has had a reputation over the years as a cruiser perfect for and loved by women. The 535 is very often cited as the ideal motorcycle for learning to ride and for novice road users. This living legend of the motorcycle world weighs 182 kilograms and has a seat height of 72 cm. This is a definite incentive to buy one, as short women want to feel comfortable on their machine and not barely touch the ground with their fingertips.

Virago is also popular among men, who just want to feel the wind in their hair and not look for too extreme sensations. An additional advantage of this model is the easy and quick access to spare parts. The aftermarket is also very rich, making it really easy to find a Yamasha in good condition.

Ducati Diavel

Despite its powerful looks, the advantage of the Ducati Diavel is that the center of gravity is low, and the feel of sitting inside the motorcycle means that shorter ladies will feel very comfortable and confident. The seat height is 78 cm and the dry weight of the motorcycle is 218 kilograms.

Tempting black and blood red are classic colors of the Italian brand, which also uses them in racing with great success. Thanks to this, the red Ducati not only easily wins the hearts of women, but also arouses the approval of the most ardent fans of motorcycle sport.

Suzuki knows how to hit the spot

As the current world champions, Suzuki does not need to advertise itself specially. The Japanese brand has been focusing on functionality for years and has designed its motorcycles in such a way that city dwellers feel comfortable on them and do not feel the hustle and bustle of big cities. However, compared to Yamaha, they are taller and heavier, which may not appeal to shorter ladies.

The brand offers several models that may be of interest to women. Sleek and streamlined shapes are one of the assets that are most often mentioned in the range. On top of that, agility and comfort, which comes in handy when we want to get home without any problems and avoid kilometer-long traffic jams.

There is no ideal

The above models are only examples of motorcycles that may appeal to women. There is no one perfect model that will satisfy every woman. After all, many female motorcyclists already know what model they’re going to buy before they take their coveted exam, and some even have motorcycles in their garage just waiting to collect their documents.

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