Want to learn to drive? See what to avoid at the beginning (TOP 5)

Want to learn to drive? See what to avoid at the beginning (TOP 5)
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Are you a novice driver, or maybe you are about to take your driving test? Wondering what mistakes not to make to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users?

There are several rules that every driver should remember. Check out our guide and become a better driver with us!

1. Zipping – why is it important?

Zippered driving is an enforced law in Poland. Despite this, many drivers still do not want to follow this rule. Zipping speeds up traffic, reduces the risk of collisions, and what’s more, it is simply cultural. So, do not forget about this rule. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing what two requirements you need to meet in this situation

Remember that if it is you who is changing lanes, turn on your turn signal. Additionally, you should change lanes only when yours ends. If you change lanes earlier, cars behind you will have to stop.

2. No turn signal – you can’t let this happen

Beginners often forget to turn on their turn signal when they need to. Unfortunately, this can lead to a collision or worse, an accident. So it’s better to learn this habit and remember when to turn on your turn signal.

You need to turn them on when you are turning from the main lane, changing lanes, or when leaving a traffic circle. Why is this so important? Firstly, because it is a way to signal to other road users what your direction of travel will be. This significantly improves traffic flow and, moreover, increases safety on the road. Do not forget that you can get a fine of PLN 200 for failing to signal a change of direction with your turn signals in time.

3. Blocking an intersection

A problem for many novice drivers is driving at an intersection. What should you do to stay safe at such a place on the road? First of all, if you see that other road users can’t get out of the intersection, then don’t drive into it. This will keep you safe and, moreover, reduce the risk of forming a traffic jam on the road

The practice of entering an intersection when it’s already blocked creates even more congestion, causing a traffic jam where there shouldn’t even be one.

4. Focusing only on the road ahead

Driving is a demanding task. You have to focus on many things at once. Additionally, you can’t forget that there are other road users on the road as well, and they aren’t just people driving cars.

When driving a car, you need to pay attention to what is happening not only in front of you, but also next to you. For example: is there a bicycle behind you that may be approaching you when you stop at a traffic light? As a driver, you need to remain fully focused so that you can react in a timely and correct manner.

5. Distractors – how to fight them?

While driving a car, it is advisable to take care of your focus. Every driver likes to drive in different conditions. For some, the best way is to turn on their favorite music. For others, driving in silence is just what they need to be able to focus on what is happening on the road. It makes sense to tailor these conditions to your needs

However, a behavior that is very dangerous is listening to music on headphones in the car. It makes the driver have no idea what is going on around them. With music like this, it is difficult to hear horns, an ambulance, the police or the fire department.

By knowing a little more about how you should drive, you can be sure to become a better driver by following the rules listed above.

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