Does the color of the car matter? Typical Cars in Unusual Colors

Does the color of the car matter? Typical Cars in Unusual Colors
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The color of the car is only one factor in the decision to buy a car, but it is very important for every driver. It allows us to express our personality and even stand out on the road.

What does the color say about the driver?

There is a belief that the color of the car can tell a lot about the character of the driver. This is a very psychological issue, largely related to the emotions that different colors evoke in different people. The shade of the car can be a great way to express these emotions, as well as your character or simply preferences. Red is associated by many of us with dynamism, temperament, and fierce character. Black is the label of pragmatic and hard-headed people. Pastel shades, on the other hand, indicate romance and love of luxury.

Most popular car colors

Based on numerous studies and surveys we have compiled a list of the most popular car colors among drivers. It perfectly coincides with the observations that we can make, observing vehicles on the road. Silver dominates, closely followed by all shades of blue.

Surprisingly, classic black is not the most popular color. Other popular colors include green and yellow. Occasionally, you can find unusual shades such as pink or sharp orange, as well as other vivid and extremely intense colors.

A red car is associated with speed

The color red mainly brings to mind courage and self-confidence, and in the automotive context it is also associated with speed. The history of red cars dates back to the early days of the iconic Ferrari. Today, the models of this brand are produced in many colors, but in the early years of the company’s existence, every single Ferrari car was just red. Even today, the Italian manufacturer’s cars are fast, agile and extremely luxurious. Choosing another car in this distinctive Ferrari color will allow us to feel a little bit like we are in this extraordinary vehicle. Red is the color of choice for dynamic and bold people who like to bet on a little madness.

Green calms

Green is associated with nature, peace and quiet. Drivers who opt for a car in this color want to experience a moment of relaxation and serenity. According to surveys, people who drive green boast excellent driving techniques and adhere to traffic regulations, and they are unfamiliar with bravado and display while driving. Aesthetics and beautiful appearance of the car are very important to them.

In the automotive industry, the color green is not as popular as more subdued shades. This may indicate, as in the case of other unusual colors, the courage and confidence of the owner of such a car. An important issue is also the shade of green itself – the bottle color seems much calmer than juicy, intense green. Among the most popular models of cars with green body are Seat Ibiza, Nissan Micra, Opel Zafira and Fiat Punto.

Driving a car in shades of canary

Many people associate the color yellow with great openness, positive thinking and general happiness. Despite these positive feelings, this color has both fans and opponents. Certainly, however, it is extremely difficult to pass by a yellow car indifferently.

People who prefer shades of yellow are usually extroverted and “crazy”. Very often they are distinguished not only by the unusual color of the car, but also by courage both on the road and in everyday life. Canary shades of pink can be found in such car models as the Fiat Stilo, Skoda Fabia and Volkswagen Polo.

Pink not only for women

Although pink is traditionally a color reserved for women, more and more men decide to choose items in this color. Pink cars are increasingly common on the roads, although much less frequently than other non-standard colors. This is due to the fact that few brands choose to produce vehicles in this feminine color.

In 1956, the American brand Dodge created the LaFemme car, which was intended only for women. Even the smallest details were in this color, which probably deterred potential customers. Only 1500 cars were sold, while the rest did not live to see their owners. This proves that this color is not very popular – even among the most daring drivers.

Purple dream

Purple is the color that is least likely to be found on the roads. This is primarily due to the limited availability of cars in this variant. This color many people associate with royal luxury, power, a strong position and unlimited possibilities. The most popular shades are dark or pastel. Dark purple is definitely less conspicuous, so we may simply not notice it or mistake it for another color. The most popular car models that can be found in this unusual color are Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Micra.


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