What is worth carrying in the trunk?

What is worth carrying in the trunk?
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The trunk is an extremely important place in every car. And even more important is its proper equipment. We suggest, what you should carry in the trunk and what elements are required by law

The trunk is seemingly just an empty space in the car, but it can be extremely useful. Find out what you should have in your trunk and what items of equipment are required by law.

A must-have item of luggage equipment

The trunk is not just a place for bags or shopping. There are also elements of equipment, which are required by law. According to this Polish law it is obligatory to have a fire extinguisher and a triangle in every trunk of your car. The extinguisher will of course be needed to extinguish possible fires. However, it is worth remembering about one very important thing – a fire extinguisher has its expiry date. So it is necessary to control it and replace the extinguisher regularly.

The second item, which is a triangle, will come in handy in case of an accident or even a minor collision, because it is used to warn oncoming traffic when your car is damaged and standing on the side of the road. In addition, the triangle is also applicable when towing a damaged car.

What is worth having in the trunk besides the compulsory luggage?

There are many other things that you should carry in your trunk besides your mandatory luggage. One of them is a first aid kit, which will be used to provide first aid to people injured in an accident. It is an extremely important piece of equipment in your trunk that can save someone’s life. Although you are not required by law to carry a first aid kit in your car, remember that you are legally obliged to provide first aid.

In your trunk you should also have operating fluids, i.e. windscreen washer fluid properly selected for the season, engine oil, cooling liquid and brake fluid. The only thing you should know is that you can’t run on petrol alone, so it’s a good idea to be able to top up the fluid if you need to. Remember also that although you can replenish the coolant and brake fluid on the road, such necessity will be a warning signal to check the technical condition of the car.

It is also very important to prepare properly for the most demanding season for your car, which is winter. So it is worth stocking your trunk with a “winter kit”. Above all, you will need a brush to quickly and efficiently remove the snow from your car. Take along a windscreen scraper and defrosting fluid, which will come in handy on frosty mornings when you approach your car and see that the windows are covered with frost or ice. The best choice will be liquids with alcohol content, which dissolve ice the fastest and improve visibility or wiper operation. To further protect your windscreen from frost, bring along a windscreen mat that you attach to your mirrors at night and hold in place with your front door. This cover will make it much more difficult for snow to pile up on the surface. The car is also a great place to keep your car’s interior clean and tidy

The trunk is also a great place for all your car cosmetics. After all, who doesn’t like their car to be sparkling clean? So pack things like waxes, shampoos, microfiber cloths, windshield cleaner, upholstery cleaner, and other car cleaning supplies in your trunk.

Main photo: Andraz Lazic/unspalsh.com

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