Car wax – which one to choose for car care?

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Car wax – which one to choose for car care?
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Many drivers wonder how they can best protect their car’s paint. One of the proven solutions is waxing it. We present the best waxes for car care

Car waxing – what are the benefits?

In order to keep your car looking great despite its age, you need to take proper care of it. Regular cleaning is not enough. Systematic waxing is also important. Although many drivers are skeptical about this procedure, it is not worth skipping it. Waxing is an extremely important process that significantly affects the appearance and condition of our vehicle’s paint. Every driver should be aware how important it is if he really cares about the elegant look of his car

What is waxing?

Waxing is a process that aims to best protect the surface of the car paintwork against adverse effects. Among them are rain, salt, UV radiation and many others. Thanks to regular waxing the vehicle will maintain its shine for many years, while the paint itself will not lose its important properties. Every driver should decide on such procedure 2-4 times a year. The effect is visible even for several months

What to pay attention to when choosing car cosmetics?

The waxing process itself is not everything. One should pay attention to what specific cosmetics will be used for this purpose. Wax of improper selection or low quality not only will not bring the desired results, but it may even worsen the current condition of our car paint. You should therefore choose only proven products and do not be discouraged by high prices. Other issues that may have a significant impact on the result are:

  • type of paint,
  • type of wax,
  • condition of the car body,
  • waxing method,
  • ease of application.

Selection of preparation depending on the condition of the vehicle

When looking for a suitable car wax, we come across a wide range of products. So which one will be the best? The answer is not unequivocal. There are several key issues to consider when choosing a product. Very important is, among others, the condition of our vehicle. For older cars, whose car body is not in the best condition, a wax in the form of paste will be an excellent choice. However, if it comes to newer models, cosmetics in the form of oil or milk will be a hit.

The choice of preparation depending on the waxing method

There are two waxing methods: wet and dry. As the name suggests, they differ primarily in the presence of water. In case of the wet method the whole process runs more efficiently because it is easier to apply the wax on a wet car surface. The preparation mixed with water becomes more fluid and therefore allows you to reach many hard to reach nooks and crannies faster.

In case of dry waxing the best preparation will be a paste wax. This will ensure easy distribution of the wax over the entire surface of the car. Dry waxing method is most often used in case of older cars, which have damaged and worn out body. Dry waxing is not as gentle as waxing with water, which is why it should not be used if the car has just come from the showroom.

Best car waxes

There are really a lot of products that are worth dwelling on. Among them, the three presented below stand out. They will be an excellent choice if we care about the high quality of the product and a satisfactory result

Soft 99

Soft 99 is an extremely appreciated product, which was named the best wax of 2017 in the prestigious British AutoExpress list. The composition of this preparation is based on fluorine resins, which are responsible for the formation of an extremely durable coating on the surface of cars. The presented wax is a fully synthetic product. Its application may provide amazing effects for up to twelve months. Soft 99 is available in two variants. One of them is dedicated to dark colors, while the other to lighter ones. The wax provides an excellent protection of the paint against adverse effects. Thanks to it, the car will look great for a really long time.


Autoglym is another car preparation which simply cannot be ignored. Autoglym High Definition combines natural Carnauba and durable polymers and special oils. The presented wax is a product which will perfectly protect and positively affect the aesthetic values of vehicles. It effectively protects against factors such as acid rain, salt and UV radiation. The paint will gain an amazing shine and gloss which will be maintained for a long time. Autoglym is characterized by creamy consistency which guarantees easy and efficient application even if you have little experience


Sonax Premium Class Carnauba Wax is a preparation that is distinguished by an exceptionally high amount of Carnauba. Its presence in combination with high quality oils makes the effect obtained during waxing last unusually long and is extremely intense. The application of this product is very easy. Sonax is a wax that also has a creamy consistency that enables quick and efficient application. This preparation, in addition to excellent protection against adverse effects, will also protect the paint from unwanted fading


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