The perfect car for a woman – TOP 10

The perfect car for a woman – TOP 10
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What features should a car used by ladies have? Unusual design, low fuel consumption, low failure rate? Here are our TOP 10 ideal cars for women.

A car for a woman – what should be taken into account?

Choosing a car for a woman will not be easy, first of all, because of high requirements. Such a vehicle must have an interesting design, be pretty and at the same time often serve as a family car. It has to be relatively small so that it is easy to park it and drive in the hustle and bustle of the street. It also has to be easy to operate, so that no minor breakdown becomes a big and difficult to overcome problem. Here are TOP 10 cars that will meet at least most of women’s requirements.

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1. Opel Corsa

This is one of the very successful production of Opel, which also permanently appeared on Polish roads. Opel Corsa is valued for its low failure rate, elegant finish, sleek design and quite spaciousness. It is also a cheap car – a two-year old can be purchased for less than 30 thousand zlotys. We especially recommend models with a naturally aspirated gasoline engine. Corsa is a very solid city car which will make not only women but also many men happy.

2. Toyota Yaris

In Toyota’s offer aimed mainly at ladies, the Yaris has been one of the certainties for years. It is enough to recall that in 2019 more than 224 thousand such cars were bought. The only disadvantage of this model is that these cars do not get cheaper as quickly as, for example, used Opel Corsa. Other than that, the Yaris is in many ways a benchmark car: very aesthetically designed, economical, with low failure rate and with a capacious trunk that holds up to 286 liters.

3. Volkswagen New Beetle

The modern Beetle is very popular among women and is considered to be a car designed especially for them. The captivating shape and wide range of body colors are only two of many assets of this car. You can buy it for a low price. It will work well both as a city car and a vehicle for further trips. Unfortunately, in the case of this car we are dealing with a much smaller trunk (210 l) than in the case of its predecessors.

4. Hyundai i20

An interesting proposition for women should be also a few years old Hyundai i20. Produced since 2008, the car was designed from the beginning as a modern technology car. It was also created with passenger safety in mind – it received five stars in crash tests. The Korean vehicle is also a breakthrough car for Hyundai in the European market – its appearance changed the opinion about the styling of cars of this brand, previously considered to be carelessly made and of low aesthetic value. The Hyundai i20 definitely contradicted such opinions, and that’s what women loved it for.

5. Peugeot 206

Peugeot proposal is a slightly older car, which, however, driven by a woman does very well in urban space. In addition, it does not smoke much, and for not much money you can buy the Plus version with ABS, on-board computer and power steering.

6. Fiat Grande Punto

This small, but kept in a neat Italian line, car will also appeal to women. No wonder – its successive versions have been appearing on the market since 1993, which additionally causes large price differences on the secondary market. Already for a few thousand zlotys you can buy a car in good condition and with rich equipment.

7. Fiat 500

500 is another of the Fiat models which is sometimes chosen by women. The quintessence of urban style combined with a wide range of body colors and a wide selection of equipment attract even the most demanding ladies. Fiat 500 under the hood hides engines 1.2 69 hp or 0.9 85 hp, which are very economical, but completely sufficient to efficiently move around the streets of both large and small cities.

8. Mini Cooper S

Women choose this car when driving is not only a necessity but also a pleasure for them. Dynamic, sporty style with high quality of workmanship. The car is available in many color versions, both with gasoline engine (102-231 hp) and diesel.

9. Citroen C3

Produced since 1993, the car has already lived to see several generations. In the amount of up to 10 thousand you can get a car with relatively rich equipment. Ideally suited as a vehicle for the family.

10. Citroen DS3

French car is a very elegant option for a woman who appreciates interesting style and rich equipment. Its advantage is also a large possibility of personalization of the design. It is equipped with a 110 hp engine.

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