Tire cosmetics – what can you use?

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Tire cosmetics – what can you use?
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Tires are the most important part of a car, after all, they take care of driving safety. They are also an aesthetic element of the vehicle and anyone who cares about the car should also take care of the tires. What to do to keep them as new as possible?

The tire, although from the outside it looks like a piece of rubber, is one of the most important parts of any car. They are responsible for noise, grip, acceleration, braking or stable behavior at any speed. A lot of money is invested in the development of car tyres every year, so that they can be even better than before

That’s why caring for your tires shouldn’t stop at proper seasoning and replacement, but also at using additional products to keep your tires in good shape.

What products should be used?

First of all, the products applied to the tires must be specially formulated for this purpose. It is not possible to use household methods, such as applying hairspray to the tires, or lubricating them with fuel. Tires should not come into contact with strongly alkaline products, because they weaken the rubber structure, making the tire deteriorate faster. Therefore, it is best to use branded preparations, because then we can be sure that they are adapted to the tires

Tire care products can be divided into those in an aerosol, spray and foam form. They should help restore the elasticity of the rubber, protect it from cracking and drying out. These preparations also restore the appearance of the side of the tire, giving the so-called wet tire effect. In addition, they repel water and protect against harmful UV rays, which lead to oxidation and rapid aging of the tire.

Which is the best?

It doesn’t really matter if you use a foam, spray or aerosol, because each form works the same, and the differences end with the convenience of application and how long one pack will last

Spray tire blackeners are formulated with silicone oils to protect the rubber from aging, and specialized additives to provide flexibility. The silicone is designed to penetrate into the tire structure and leave a layer that will protect the tire from external factors. The application of the product is very simple, just spray evenly on the side of the tire.

The foam formulation also protects against external factors and gives flexibility to the rubber. However, to apply this product you will also need a cloth with which to spread the foam over the tire. Foams are so dense that they do not run off the tire onto the rim.

Aerosol, or popular tire milk, is the most durable of all products and, like foam, must be applied to the tire surface. It refreshes the appearance of the tire, and one pack of the product lasts the longest of all the products mentioned

Safety is key

To enjoy high quality tires for a long time, it is necessary to apply these products regularly, preferably after each car wash. Remember that car shampoos are suitable for the car body, not the tires. Tires must be washed of regular dirt, so remember to dry the tire after each wash, and then apply one of the above-mentioned conditioners. Also, do not apply such products to the main part of the tire, as they can affect driving safety.

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