How do you effectively clean your vehicle’s dashboard?

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How do you effectively clean your vehicle’s dashboard?
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The proper level of cleanliness inside a car is, for many, an indicator of whether or not someone cares about their vehicle. That’s why it’s worth considering how you can take proper care of it.

Why is it important to keep the dashboard clean?

How the dashboard looks depends on many factors – the material it is made of, the surface layer it is covered with, as well as how long it has been in use and how the owner has cared for it over the years. It is often the last factor that has the greatest impact on how the dashboard ultimately looks.

But why is it worth taking care of it? It is an important element that affects the overall appearance of the car. Proper cleanliness also affects other issues, such as driving hygiene. You might think that “driving hygiene” refers only to proper and safe maneuvering, but it also simply refers to cleanliness inside. And the dashboard is probably the largest and most frequently touched surface in the interior of a car.

The nature of an auto is that the vehicle is often heavily used, whether it’s on the road to school and work, after shopping with hundreds of customers scrolling through stores, or after physical activity. The car is also the main means by which users get to vacations, whether directly or to the airport. As you can see, the car is at the center of almost every category of passengers’ lives. This emphasizes its importance, but it also affects the fact that elements such as the dashboard, among others, come into frequent contact with hands or dirt, which leads to the fact that numerous germs can accumulate on them.

How to fight dirt on the vehicle’s dashboard?

The basis for proper dashboard maintenance is consistency and regularity. Thanks to that, you can avoid a situation in which, after months of constant use, you suddenly find that inside there is dirt on the rugs, the upholstery is very dusty and dirty in places, and touching the dashboard is very unpleasant, because it sticks. As with the items listed first, the dashboard should also be cared for.

If the driver knows that he is able to systematically take care of the state of the surface of this element, probably only wet wipes, a cloth or a special spray cleaner, which can be bought at almost every petrol station, will suffice. However, the situation is slightly different when the material of the dashboard is more noble and requires comprehensive care

How to clean the dashboard surface comprehensively?

In case of dashboards in cars with a higher price range or simply in those where you have invested in a better version of equipment, it is worth buying not only typical 2-in-1 agents and wipes. For optimal hygiene you need, among other things, cleaning and care products. Such a two-step maintenance will ensure efficiency in the fight against dirt.

In the case of impregnators, efficiency is key. They should be able to cope with almost any dirt – fresh stains, as well as old dirt that lingers on the surface of the board. It is good to choose the right sponge, which will be rough enough to lift and remove the dirt, but soft enough not to scratch the surface of the dashboard – these are usually microfiber or cotton products

The next step is care. This is an important issue, because by using the right agent, you can provide an additional effect, which will emphasize the type of finish – matte or glossy. Therefore, it is worth checking at the beginning what exactly are the characteristics of a given product.

After all these steps, you can be sure that the dashboard is not only clean, but also its surface will not be damaged and will please the eye with its fresh appearance. It is worth to determine at the beginning the intervals at which you will perform these activities, to avoid moments in which the accumulated layer of dirt will be really difficult to remove


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