Learning to ride a motorcycle – where should you start?

Learning to ride a motorcycle – where should you start?
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You should start learning how to ride a motorcycle with traffic regulations, then move on to the formalities of the test. After passing the theoretical part, you should bet on the practical course. What else to remember when starting the adventure with a motorcycle?

We want to explain you step by step how to start your adventure with a motorcycle. Maybe you think that it is worth starting by buying your first unicycle? Certainly yes, but only if it is a scooter (it can be the one with an extra body). A more powerful machine means you’ll need to pass your category A driver’s license. If your goal is to ride motorcycles with a capacity greater than 125 ccm, check out this article! We will describe step by step all the necessary steps that must be taken before and after the test, we will even tell you what to wear for the first and subsequent rides!

What to keep in mind before starting the practical part of the driving lessons?

We’ll start with the first steps, and more specifically with the medical examination that is necessary to proceed to the later parts. Opt for a doctor who is licensed to examine future drivers. The next step is to have your photo taken for your driver’s license and go to your local Department of Transportation, where you will make a Driver Candidate Profile. If you’ve taken a B driving test, you’ll have no problem doing this. However, let us remind you what exactly is necessary when you go to the office.

  • written consent of your parents or legal guardian if you are under 18 years old,
  • a recent photograph,
  • valid identification document,
  • a photocopy of your driver’s license (if you already have one)
  • an application for a driver’s license for category A (you will get this application at the office, but you can also download it here: Application for a driving license (obywatel.gov.pl).

Category A driving license course – how does it look like?

In fact, there are two options that are worth writing about. In our opinion, if you have a category B driving license, it is better to choose the first option, but if you are taking the test for any driving license for the first time, bet on option two.

Method I

The first is the option to learn the rules on your own. Undoubtedly a better choice when you already know these regulations, you just need to update your knowledge and learn to think like a motorcycle driver. When your knowledge is already sufficient, you take the state theoretical exam. You just do it on your own, before you even go to the practical course

This allows you to save time above all by studying at home rather than in theory classes. Once you pass the theory on your own you move on to the practical course which lasts 20 hours and the first aid lectures which last 4 hours.

Method II

The second option is to take the full theoretical course already at the Driving School, where motorcycle driving lessons are offered. There you will have four hours of lectures, 30 hours of theory and 20 hours of practice. It should be noted, however, that in this option there is no possibility to pass the theory or practice before completing the entire course. Nevertheless, it is certainly a good option for beginners. If you don’t feel comfortable with the regulations and you have a lot of time on your hands, bet on this option.

What attire for your first and subsequent motorcycle rides?

First of all, remember about ankle boots, you can’t forget about long pants or a zipped jacket with properly fitted sleeves. In spite of appearances, even on warm days riding a motorcycle may not be very pleasant if the speed exceeds a certain limit and you are not dressed “thickly” enough

Students who proceed to ride must wear a helmet, knee pads, gloves, and elbow pads. If you are serious about buying a motorcycle after the course and passing the exam, decide on your own outfit even before the first ride. Without a doubt, you will be more comfortable when riding, all thanks to properly fitted clothing items.

The first and subsequent drives on the course will of course be supervised by an experienced motorcycle driver, who has the authority to tell you how to drive the bike. Surely, after several hours of hands-on learning, your riding will look good. It is not as difficult as it may seem on the surface.

(Photo: pixabay.com)

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