How to keep your child occupied on the go?

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How to keep your child occupied on the go?
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A long journey with a child in the car is a challenge for many parents. Kids quickly get bored with the road and require our attention or occupation, but we don’t want to resort to giving your child a phone or tablet. Here are some ways to keep your child occupied on the road.

Word games and activities

This is the simplest, but also the most demanding way for us to be bored in the car. For word games we don’t need any equipment, board or place to play, just our creativity. Such games will work both with small children and with young teenagers, we just have to choose their level of difficulty. This is a great solution for children with motion sickness, for whom reading or watching pictures in the car could only exacerbate the symptoms. Focusing on the game can help your child ignore the nauseating nausea

What word games can we play with our kids in the car?

  • Rhymes – you give each other words to which the other person must find 5 rhymes. This is a fun way to develop vocabulary and foster creativity in kids
  • Who am I thinking of? – is a game where one person thinks of a character, it can be a real person or a character from a book, game or fairy tale, and the opponent has to guess in 10 yes or no questions who you are thinking of. This game will work even for the youngest children
  • What Do I See? – works similarly to the previous game, but this time the players choose a point on the route, which they have to describe to their opponent. For example: what I see is big, wide, green, there is a lot of it and it has pink flowers. Passengers have to guess that it is an apple tree in the orchard you are passing.

Car games

We can find a huge range of car games in stores. They are characterized by a small size and design that allows you to play them in a driving environment. The boards are more stable, so that you can play them even when the car is in motion.

Car games, however, are not only board games. The Internet is full of logic games and puzzles – small, handy puzzles that sometimes require a lot of concentration. An example of such puzzle game is the well known Rubik’s cube. store specializes in various logic puzzles. In this store you will find that Rubik’s cube does not have to be boring at all!


A way to bore the youngest and the slightly older ones can be also audiobooks and radio plays. Listening to stories is a very developing activity for a child. If you want to ensure your own peace of mind and the possibility to fully concentrate on the road and at the same time you want your child to develop intensively – listening to fairy tales will be an ideal entertainment. This is a valuable activity for the youngest, which develops imagination and abstract. Of course, there is a risk that we will hear “Little Red Riding Hood” ten times during each trip, but there are also ways to cope with such cases.

Artistic games

If you don’t treat your car as sacred, or you’ve already accepted that a perfectly clean car is not for parents, you can let your child play creatively while driving. Many places sell special seat-mounted tables that allow your child to do artwork in the car. The safest for the upholstery will be, of course, pencil crayons, but if you are not afraid of risks, the child will surely be occupied for a long time with plasticine, stickers or dry erase board markers, with which children can draw on the glass.

Long journeys with a child are possible, and they do not have to be an unpleasant chore or an event to lose sleep over. With a few easy tricks, you will make the time in the car more pleasant for all passengers. Whether it’s word games, board games or puzzle games, whether it’s audio books or music on the speakers, a journey with such entertainment can be really enjoyable!


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