Winter car washing – a mistake or a necessity?

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Winter car washing – a mistake or a necessity?
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Much is said that washing cars at low temperatures is harmful to the paint. However, the omnipresent mud, sand and salt on slippery roads in winter make a visit to a car wash unavoidable, even in winter. We suggest how to safely wash your car in the cold months

Can you wash a car in winter?

It is possible and even necessary to visit a car wash in winter. Agents used by road users at low temperatures can be very harmful to the paint and body. Regular car washing is an essential part of car care and maintenance. Keeping your vehicle clean prevents damage to the paint and formation of new scratches and damage. We do not have to be afraid that washing a car in winter will negatively affect the car, if we apply a few simple rules.

How to properly wash a car at low temperatures?

In winter, a manual car wash is a much better and safer choice than an automatic car wash. Before washing, protect the locks against flooding. It is worth starting car washing from preliminary rinsing of the paint with active foam and rinsing the foam with water under high pressure. This procedure will gently clean the car of sand and salt, leaving no scratches or damage to the paint. After the initial rinse, you can move on to the basic car wash

Basic washing should be done from top to bottom, starting with the roof and ending with the sills and bumpers. Hand washing should be done with a sheep wool glove. The glove should be soaked in water with a shampoo for the car body and rinsed in a separate bucket of water with a cleaning agent. After washing the car manually, rinse the car very thoroughly and dry it with microfiber towels. Much attention should be paid to thorough drying of car body cavities, so that the accumulated moisture does not freeze at low temperatures. It is necessary to dry the folding mechanisms of mirrors and locks. It is also worth protecting the paint with wax, so that dirt settles less. To prevent damp seals from freezing, it is good to protect them with silicone after washing.

When not to wash the car?

If the temperature outside drops below -10°C, it is safer to postpone car washing until a warmer day. Such low temperature can damage undried paint or damp locks. If frosts are forecast for the next few days and your car does not have a garage, it is also better not to take the risk that water will freeze in some place and cause damage

Why should you wash your car in winter?

Despite voices saying that washing a car in winter is harmful, it is much more harmful for a car not to clean it for several months. Lingering sand can create scratches on the paint and cause its tarnishing. In addition, grains of sand can seriously damage the paint, for example when shoveling snow from a car covered with snow. Salt accelerates corrosion, so combined with melting snow it can severely damage the car body. If the temperatures outside remain above freezing, there is no reason to worry about washing your car. If the temperatures are below freezing, you should take precautions, but you shouldn’t skip washing your car

What to avoid?

  • During severe cold weather, skip the automatic car wash in favor of a manual car wash. Touchless car washes can be a good option, but pressurized water can get into hard-to-dry areas, so they’re also not suitable for washing cars in freezing weather
  • Don’t allow moisture to stay in hard-to-reach places. Frozen water in the mechanism of mirrors, locks or on the seals, can cause damage or simply make our lives more difficult
  • Even if the weather allows you to take care of your car, do not do it outside the car wash. For washing your car on your own, for example, in the driveway at home, you can pay a high fine

Car washing is the basis of taking care of your vehicle. Repeated for many years myth that the car can not be washed in winter, has been debunked many times. What can really harm the car is lingering dirt. So don’t neglect your car in winter, visit a car wash in the warmer days of winter!

(Photo by Yegor Aleyev via Getty Images)

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