Which car navigation on your phone? Ranking of the most popular GPS applications for smartphone

Which car navigation on your phone? Ranking of the most popular GPS applications for smartphone
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Being able to use navigation on your phone is natural these days. What is less obvious is the choice of the best application for this task. To make it easier, below we present a subjective ranking of GPS navigation for smartphones.

Google Maps

The world’s most basic and popular smartphone navigation application provided by Google quite deservedly enjoys positive reviews. It is a really good, modern, functional and at the same time easy to use navigation with frequently updated maps and many useful features. As it continuously downloads data from the roads, it offers access to information on traffic jams and estimated travel time at a given moment. It also warns you of accidents and roadworks. In practice Google Maps is sufficient for the average user who travels by car e.g. on vacation.

Apple Maps

Just as Google Maps comes pre-installed on Android-based devices, Apple Maps comes by default on smartphones from the brand with an apple in its logo. The apps are basically similar, although Google Maps has more features and more extensive capabilities. Keep in mind, however, that both apps need an Internet connection to work, so if you have a small amount of data on your subscription or card, use your smartphone navigation wisely. If necessary, look for an offer with a larger data volume, e.g. from your operator Otvarta.


In contrast to Google and Apple products Maps.me application successfully determines a route and leads to a destination also in offline mode. It’s a great option when you want to save data transfer or you don’t have access to the net at the moment.


This navigation is pre-installed in devices of once very popular Finnish brand Nokia. It works great on local routes – users recommend it mainly for moving around the city by car. Its undoubted advantage is also the fact that – similarly to Maps.me – it successfully works without the need of maintaining an Internet connection. So even if you don’t have access to the web, the navigation system will guide you to your destination correctly.


While HERE WeGo is perfect for urban areas, ViaMichelin is ideal for long-distance travel. If you are going by car to a remote area of Europe, we strongly recommend this software. It shows you the cost of toll roads and lists POIs in different countries, and you can use it without an internet connection. There is no better choice for international travel.


It is worth using Yanosik navigation system for driving in Poland. In terms of its basic function it does not stand out against the competition – what makes it popular is the warning against radars, speed cameras and police patrols. This way you know if you can expect a police check on the route you plan to take.


The principle of Waze is identical to Yanosik and consists in providing detailed data on the current situation on the route. The navigation will tell you in which places police checks are currently taking place.

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