How to wash car mats?

How to wash car mats?
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Car mats in autumn and winter have to survive really extreme conditions – mud, moisture, rain, snow, all this can affect their condition. Therefore, it is worth taking care of their cleanliness more often, but how to do it exactly? What to remember about when washing them?

Washing car mats – the material is important

Car mats can be distinguished on the basis of the material they are made of. The most frequently bought and the most common are those made of rubber. There is no denying that this material is very durable and removing dirt from car mats is very easy. Another type of material is velour. Keeping it clean in autumn and winter is not easy. However, this material is very comfortable underfoot, and at the same time increases the class and elegance of the vehicle – it is often trimmed with thread in a distinctive color. In addition, you can distinguish mats made of eco-leather. They look definitely more aesthetic than rubber versions and, theoretically, they should be easier to clean than velour ones

Rubber floor mats – how to wash them?

Rubber floor mats do not require special washing agents. It is enough to use a pressure washer to rinse them, and then chemicals in the form of powders or liquids with various detergents. The most important point is not to leave the rubber for several hours with aggressive cleaning chemicals applied. Just a few minutes and another rinse with a pressure washer will remove any dirt from the surface of the rubber mats. When harder-to-remove dirt won’t come off, you can use a scrub brush.

Washing velour rugs

Rugs made of velour resemble domestic ones. Therefore, using a scrub brush to remove dirt from their surface is not the best idea. Washing with water is also not a good way to get rid of dirt. Velour takes a very long time to dry, and humidity itself has a bad effect on this material. It is not a good idea to use familiar and traditional methods of removing dirt. The best method here turns out to be vacuuming, which is able to deal with dried mud, sand, pebbles and other dirt.

Carpet pads made of eco-leather – they require special treatment

How does it look like with eco-leather? When treated properly, eco-leather is a very graceful material. However, users often do not know how to handle it, and improper use leads to the appearance of, for example, cracks. Therefore, it is not such a popular solution

However, as it turns out, it is enough to know a few techniques for removing impurities from this material. First of all, it must not be greased and moisturized. Detergents and pressure washer are also not an option here. The best way is a damp cloth and frequent, preferably daily wiping of the dirt. It only takes a few minutes and your leather rugs will look great for years! For bigger dirt, we recommend warm, soapy water. Eco-leather must not be whisked under any circumstances, this will lead to damage to the material.

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