Car interior cosmetics – these products will help you keep your car clean

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Car interior cosmetics – these products will help you keep your car clean
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The perfect presentation of a car is influenced not only by its external appearance, but also the interior. Which cosmetics will help to keep the car clean?

How to keep the car interior clean?

At the beginning it is worth mentioning the ways that will help to keep the car clean. By developing good habits, you will not need to carry out thorough cleaning often – the interior of the vehicle will always be aesthetic and neat. First, more than 50% of drivers leave crumbs in the car. This may seem trivial, but left-over food contains bacteria that, when exposed to higher temperatures, multiply and cause mold. Remember, if you don’t have to – don’t eat in the car! Secondly, studies reveal that there are on average 356 microbes on every square inch of the surface of the gearshift lever. To avoid the proliferation of E. coli and salmonella bacteria, wipe down the most frequently used surfaces, namely the steering wheel, door handles and dashboard, as well as the aforementioned lever.

An extremely important issue is to keep the air conditioning and any vents clean. Microorganisms accumulated there easily spread throughout the car interior, which negatively influences passengers’ health. Car mats help to keep mud and dirt in one place. They should be vacuumed and washed regularly

The same is true for the trunk – its cleanliness is also important. The biggest nuisance for vehicle owners is all sorts of unpleasant smells. Unwanted odors can persist for years – so as soon as you notice an outbreak of dirt you should quickly remove it. This can be done at home first, using a mixture of baking powder with a little fragrance oil. When the matter is serious, however, you need to reach for professional upholstery washing.

What cosmetics will help to keep the car interior spotlessly clean?

Certainly, agents for plastic elements will be useful for car interior care. They are usually available in the form of sprays, which perfectly clean and additionally polish the surface of the cockpit, mouldings and other parts. Special cleaning cloths, which are quick and convenient in use, will also prove useful on a daily basis. For hard to reach places – and there are many of them in the car – brushes or products such as detailing sticks with foam heads are perfect for effective cleaning of demanding areas.

The choice of products for upholstery depends on the type of material it is made of. Fabrics and carpets need standard cosmetics – in contrast to leather, which can be problematic and requires specialised products. It is also worth using a brush made of a combination of natural and synthetic bristles.

Windshields inside the vehicle require different cosmetics than those on the outside. Products for internal windows and mirrors should contain a formula that prevents fogging. Do not forget about the display of navigation, radio and other electrical equipment. In their case, it is good to use a gel for cleaning LCD TVs. The surfaces inside the car are prone to scratches, so it is better to choose a soft microfiber cloth, which does not irritate the cleaned elements

What kind of cosmetics do drivers choose?

For personal care, trusted and safe for the skin cosmetics are used. It is similar in the case of cars – it is worth reaching for products of reputable manufacturers, which are recommended by a great number of drivers. In the ranking of top rated car cosmetics manufacturers, the first place is taken by Meguiar’s. It is a brand from the USA, which has been active on the market since the beginning of the XX century. It is well known to detailing fans. The second position is occupied by Turtle Wax, which can be proud of having produced the world’s first car wax. This is a company that offers products of the highest class. However, we cannot forget about uncommon cosmetics that are available in every store and their quality is really good – Plak and K2 are really worth recommending.


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