How do I store and care for my tires?

How do I store and care for my tires?
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Maintaining tires after they are removed from the vehicle is a very important consideration. When it comes time to change tires, it’s a good idea to think about storing them until the next season. Improper maintenance and poor storage can have negative consequences for your tires. So take care of it.

Clean your tires first

Before you put your tires in storage, clean them thoroughly. Use detergent, water and a tire brush to do this. This will remove dirt and brake dust accumulated over the season. If you store your tires on rims, be sure to clean them too. Make sure your tires are completely dry before you begin the next step.

Tires do not need any polish or preservative applied to them during storage. Tires are made to withstand any harmful elements, and using products to extend the life of your tires could actually harm them.

The right storage location

Regardless of the temperature, tires should not be stored out in the open, even under a cover. A cool, dry place with moderate ventilation is recommended. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. So, the ideal place would be a basement or other space where it is easy to control the ambient conditions. If there is any source of heat in the room, the tires should be shielded from it. It is also necessary to avoid fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels in the tire storage area.

There are various types of shelves available at that can be used to store tires. Such racks should be durable first and foremost. Special tire racks that can easily store tires can be found here: Pallet racks, which are designed to store very heavy items, can also be a good option. These, in turn, are available at

Avoid exposure to chemicals

The most you should avoid is ozone. It has a damaging effect on tires. Where can it be found? In generators, compressors, furnaces, switches, submersible pumps or central vacuum cleaners. None of these devices should be in the tire storage area.

Substances such as solvents, fuels and lubricants should also be avoided.

Protecting white rubber

If tires have white components, care should be taken to ensure that white surfaces touch other white surfaces and black surfaces touch other black surfaces. This is important because where the white elements are, the tires are a different compound than where the black rubber is. If the light surfaces touch the light surfaces and the black surfaces touch the black surfaces, it is easier to maintain the tint of the white rubber and avoids marks.

In what position to store tires?

For tires, the best way to store them will be in an upright position, as less pressure will be exerted then. If it is necessary to stack the tires, it should not be too high. If the tires are mounted on rims, stacking them horizontally is a better option. They can also be hung on racks or hooks.

It is advisable to bag the tires

Large airtight bags (such as gardening or leaf bags) will help reduce evaporation of oils from the rubber compounds. To ensure airtightness, as much air as possible should be removed from the bag. It is also important that there is no moisture in the bag or on the tire.

Special packaging and covers for tires are also available. However, they will not provide an airtight seal, so it is advisable to bag the tires in advance before putting them in them.

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