These gadgets beautify your car – what can you find for yourself?

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These gadgets beautify your car – what can you find for yourself?
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When buying a car, we very often look for gadgets that will not only beautify our car, but will also help us to use it. We can find practically everything on the market.

Afraid of getting dirty

When buying a new car, we very often decide on bright interiors, which are then a real problem to maintain in an impeccable condition. Dirt and the necessity of regular washing in specialist companies is the price car users have to pay choosing this type of interior color.

That is why, with help come seat covers, which can be installed and removed very quickly and efficiently. There are various types of seat covers available on the market, and even companies, in which specialists will sew for us on the order exactly what we dream about. This type of service providers are located, among others, in Silesia, Pomerania or Greater Poland.

A very good gadget are also covers for headrests. In automotive stores you will find, among other things, covers with the name of your car or with fairy tale characters, which will immediately become a hit if you have children in your car. The biggest advantage of such things is that they can be washed in a washing machine at home. A lot of people – just like seat covers – opt for personalized headrest covers, which then arouse the interest of onlookers when your car is in the parking lot.

Artificial intelligence in the service of safety

With the development of technology, gadgets that not only look nice but also guard our safety have started to appear on the market. If coffee does not help us during long journeys, it is worth buying Anti Sleep Pilot, an inconspicuous and innocent box that reacts as soon as our concentration falls and we fall asleep.

The device detects crisis moments and we can personalize it by answering 11 simple questions available on the manufacturer’s website. As soon as a crisis occurs, ASP will give a sound and light signal recommending that we stop driving and rest.

If you are bored with constant looking at map and phone screen while driving, it is worth to pay attention to HUD display, which emits all useful information in such a way that it is reflected on the windshield of your car. Such a device usually works with both Android and iOS, and the connection is via Bluetooth. The system is somewhat expensive, but very useful and modern.

Breathing clean air

In the era of pandemics, many companies have come up with the idea of releasing small and portable air purifiers, which with their appearance will add some charm to our interior. The popularity of such devices is very high and they can be found in popular chains of household appliances and electronics stores in Poland. Prices start from a dozen or so zlotys and go up to hundreds. As studies have shown, people using such devices inhale less pollution and, consequently, less sick.

Purifiers are so small and inconspicuous, that they do not interfere with driving and can be placed under the seat or between the seats. There are also models that can be mounted on headrests, armrests or in the cupholder area. Their operation is simple and easy, and many of them can be operated with an app on your phone, such as Xiaomi products.

Safety first!

When deciding to buy gadgets, it is worth remembering that not all of them are safe. Many available products are not certified or have the appropriate approval for our region. Many times it happened that drivers used gadgets or items that endangered not only the driver himself, but also other road users.

At one time it was quite popular to hang a CD on the mirror, which in sunny weather could blind the driver coming from the opposite direction. Many people also forget about not limiting the visibility both from the rear and from the front of the car. Mascots or other gadgets mounted on the dashboard may be nice, but they are not necessarily safe.


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