Touchless or manual car wash – advantages and disadvantages

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Touchless or manual car wash – advantages and disadvantages
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Regular visits to a car wash are the basis for taking care of a car. Many drivers wonder which is better – a touchless or a manual car wash? We present their advantages and disadvantages

Touchless car wash

Cosmetic processes at a touchless car wash are carried out with the use of high-pressure equipment, which ejects water along with detergents. Touchless car washes can be divided into modular and container car washes.

The first type is definitely cheaper as it is characterized by smaller size. It will be a perfect solution in places where the car traffic is usually small. Modular car wash will be good for small lots where there is no possibility to put something bigger. It can also complement a gas station or car service. Container car washes are larger than touchless car washes, and their greatest advantage is that each of the stands works independently.

Modular car wash

This type of car wash has a module that saves a lot of space. It contains elements such as the washing technology (usually it is not very advanced), containers for chemicals and a control device. By far the most important advantage of this type of car wash is its modest dimensions

Container car wash

Container carwash is characterised by the fact that the entire technology is located in a special container which sometimes also serves as a service room. This solution requires much more space than in case of a modular car wash, but an important advantage is the independence of particular stations. A great advantage is also a quick and efficient access to all components, thanks to which it is easy to refill chemicals or undertake repairs. A container car wash boasts advanced technology, but it is worth remembering that this generates higher costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of a touchless car wash

Among the biggest advantages, you should first of all point out the 24-hour access – you can use the car wash without any restrictions at any hour. Long queues may be a problem, but you will not have to worry about them if you decide to wash your car at a less popular time, for example at night. The price for 1 minute is usually around PLN. The standard time for the whole process of car washing is about 10 minutes – as a result, the cost of washing a car is 10 PLN, which is a really financially beneficial proposal.

A great advantage is the possibility to choose a specific washing program. We can limit ourselves to just water or use specialized detergents. Touchless car wash guarantees quick and easy car washing without worrying about scratching the paint.

Moving on to the disadvantages, inaccuracy should be pointed out. If our vehicle is very dirty and there are dried stains on it, washing it will be impossible without using a brush or sponge. Another inconvenience is poor drying of the car body and lack of information about the cosmetics used.

Hand car wash

Going to a hand car wash is one of the most effective ways to get rid of dirt from a car. If for some reason we are not able to take care of the cleanliness of our vehicle ourselves, it is worth leaving it in the hands of professionals. Specialist brushes and cleaning agents are used during washing, so we do not have to worry about what detergents our car will have to deal with.

Among the biggest advantages of hand car washes are effectiveness and extreme accuracy, thanks to which we will be able to get rid of even the most difficult dirt. Moreover, we can order upholstery cleaning or waxing services. If we decide on a good car wash, the quality of provided services will be at the highest level

As far as the disadvantages of hand car washes are concerned, it is, first of all, high price. The lowest cost of service that we can encounter is about 15 PLN, although in most cases, it will oscillate around 25 PLN. It is also worth remembering that giving your car in someone else’s hands, we can not be one hundred percent sure that it will be safe. Therefore, it is not worth saving on such a service and choose a well-known, trusted company.

The availability of a manual car wash may also be a problem – more and more often you may encounter touchless or automatic technologies. Before going to such a car wash, we also need to check if it is currently open. Unfortunately, in case of manual car washes, we cannot count on 24-hour service.

Why is car care so important?

Car care is not only rinsing it with water. From time to time, it is worth using professional cleaning agents, waxing it and vacuuming the interior. All these options are available at most car washes. We should visit such a place at least once a month to keep the car paint in good condition. Thanks to appropriate cosmetics, our vehicle will stand out from others with its shine and color intensity. Using specialized preparations, we will also provide it with protection against various adverse factors.

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