Car wax for summer – what should you use?

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Car wax for summer – what should you use?
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Paint is an important element of the car. It is responsible for the nice appearance of the car body, but also protects it from damage and harsh weather conditions. One of the best ways to protect the paint coating are waxes. Which one will work best in summer?

It may seem that summer is definitely a better time for the paint and the car than winter. Nothing more misleading, because in fact the best place to keep a car is a warm garage without sunlight. However, a car is used for travelling and its paint has to face difficult weather conditions all year long. In summer the paint has to deal with sunlight, pollen and resin flying from trees, sand, frequent and heavy rain and sometimes hail. Without additional protection, the paintwork will eventually become scratched and faded.

The market is full of different types of waxes

In any major supermarket, you can find a variety of car waxes ranging from hard waxes to spray waxes. However, I must point out right away that it is not worth buying supermarket waxes. It is better to go to a detailing store or buy online. Supermarket waxes, although they work, usually provide the effect for quite a short time

The best and most popular products are hard waxes. These are the most demanding products, whose application requires a polishing machine or very large self-denial in the case of manual application. They are also the most durable. Their durability starts from three months and goes up to twelve months! They also give great color depth and excellent protection. The most recommended are waxes with the addition of carnauba. This is a natural wax derived from Brazilian palm leaves and beeswax. It is definitely worth looking for this element in the composition of each paint protection product. Hard waxes are divided into natural, synthetic and hybrid

The action of synthetic waxes is based on modern polymer technology. After application, polymers contained in this type of waxes bind with the surface of the car paintwork and provide very good protection and resistance to environmental factors.

Hybrid waxes are a combination of synthetic and natural waxes. Application of such a wax will give an excellent effect of color depth and paint protection. Such preparation is also very durable, although not as much as the natural one.

Waxes in milk are less popular than hard waxes. They are easier to apply due to their liquid formula and require less time. However, the paint protection is much weaker than in the case of hard waxes.

Waxes in atomizer are the ideal solution to achieve a great effect for a while. They are best suited for weddings, for example, or if you know that for a few days the car will drive through very dusty areas. It is very easy to put it on the paint and it only takes a while compared to the waxes shown earlier, unfortunately the effect and protection of the paint is short-lived

Season does not matter

Protective waxes do not have distinction between seasons. This means that they can be used in summer and winter. However, the best time to take care of paintwork is summer with long and warm days. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the most durable waxes, so that the next waxing falls on a warm period. Therefore, it is best to use hard waxes, then we will be sure that our varnish is protected for a long time.

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