Wheel cleaning cosmetics – here’s what we recommend

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Wheel cleaning cosmetics – here’s what we recommend
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Rims are certainly the adornment of every car. In order to keep them looking good, you need to take proper care of them. To help you do this you need to use a variety of cosmetic products that will make your wheels look great

How do I care for my alloy wheels?

There is a lot of dirt on the surface of wheels, which is caused by road debris. This can be dust, sand, road salt and moisture which over time causes corrosion. However, the most difficult deposit to remove is that formed from the abrasion of brake pads. The filings blend in with the wheel, creating unsightly and difficult to remove stains.

What can be done to keep the wheels looking good? Proper care is essential. Wheels should be washed regularly, preferably by hand. This is best done by hand so as not to damage the wheel structure. A car shampoo is sufficient for cleaning, which should be able to cope with the dirt. On the market we can also find special preparations for rims. In their composition there are substances, which deal with tough dirt, but at the same time their formula is delicate enough not to scratch or damage the surface of the rims

It is worth remembering to wax your rims at least once a month. This can be done with waxes in various formulas that will protect the surface of the rim from moisture and dirt buildup.

Cosmetics for cleaning wheel rims

Cleaning liquids

These cleaners can be either alkaline or acidic. Among the acid-based products, ADBL Wheel Warrior is a noteworthy one. Additionally, the product has a beautiful fruity smell and leaves a shiny effect on the rims. Shiny Garage EF Wheel Cleaner Professional Line is an alkaline agent. It is a liquid enriched with nanoparticles, which leave a wax coating on the rims.

Liquids for special tasks

This is a unique group of cleaning preparations, the so-called bleeding agents. They take their name from the way they work. When the agent reacts with contaminants, it changes its color into blood red. These products are based on natural acids, sometimes with an admixture of synthetic ones. They are designed to remove dirt that cannot be removed by shampoos. They come in spray form, so they are easy to use. Formulations such as Vampire Liquid, Shiny Garage D-Tox or Alu-Teufel Spezial Gel are characterized by a natural pH. They are safe for the rim surface. They can even handle rust and baked-on deposits from brake pads without any problem

Rim protection agents

These are preparations in the form of waxes. Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant is a product characterized by extraordinary effectiveness. It gives the wheel a phenomenal shine and additionally protects it against dust deposition and corrosion. Angelwax Bilberry Wheel Sealant, on the other hand, is a product whose effect remains on the surface for over six months. Its formula was designed to protect the rim coating for a long time against UV radiation, hard water, road salt and other factors that significantly affect the deterioration of wheels

Ceramic coatings

This is a group of products which can be described as “advanced”. This is a real treat for car care enthusiasts. The effect of ceramic coatings can be compared to waxes, however they are much more efficient, more durable and leave a captivating effect on the surface of the wheels. Unlike traditional waxes, which last up to 6 months, ceramic coatings last for several years. Ultracoat Metal Guard is a coating that shows excellent resistance to high temperatures, is durable and leaves a glassy and shiny effect on the wheels. Gtechiq C5 Wheel Armour is an extremely efficient and durable product. It distributes a hydrophobic film on the rim, which protects the wheel against corrosion.

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